Scrapbooking Projects to Try

I’ve been trying to be a little more proactive in my scrapbooking projects. Since I’m such a list person, I figured if I write it down, I’ll eventually do it. One of my goals for 2008 is to scrapbook more. I’m hoping by writing all the projects down in one place, I’ll be a little more organized and ready when I’m going to sit down to scrapbook.

So, I came across this chrismas planner. It looks easy enough. So, I’m going to work on it and see what happens. If it turns out to be easy, then I’m going to do a couple for people for next christmas.

The other day when I was at home, I was watching DIY and saw a project I know that I can do. It’s an activity book for kids. I think this is something that I can eventually learn and than turn around and show Maureen.

These are just 2 projects. I also went through one of my stacks of photos to get a reminder of what I already have printed. I’m hoping to get through these pictures, so I can justify ordering more. I want to concentrate on what I have so I can try to save some money. I guess we’ll see what happens.

ETA: I found another project I would like to try for Christmas. It’s a twist for an advent calendar. The project was introduced to me by Scrappers Challenge group that I’m a part of. The project can be found at Crafters message boards.

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