Christmas wrap up…

This past Christmas had its challenges, but turned out to be a good one. We went to Gary’s parents house for Christmas Eve. My mother in law had me, so she got me a $40 gift certificate for Michael’s, which was awesome. My brother in law, Brad, had Gary. He gave him iTunes gift cards, which was perfect especially since Gary uses his iPod for work.

The other gift that Gary received from Brad and Gary’s sister, Kim, was a 1995 Ford Tarus. The car originally belonged to Gary’s parents, but they gave it to Kimo years ago. Kim recently just got a new car, so they decided to give the Tarus to Gary. Overall, the body of the car is still in good condition, but the engine is turning into more than we expected. So far, we’ve already spent $950. This includes the cost to transfer the car into Gary’s name and the smog, which it passed. When we were at the gas station doing the smog check, the car was still leaking even though we just picked it up from Scott’s, our mechanic. So, we decided to take the car back to Scott’s to try to figure out why the car is still leaking. Hopefully, Scott will be able to figure out what’s wrong with it.

So, back to Christmas. I did receive a lot of stuff, which of course I purchased myself, but made Gary wrap it for me. But Gary totally surprised me once again with my actual presents from him. Yes, I said PRESENTS.

My first present was one of the Tiffany rings I had on my wish list.

He had to special order this ring because they didn’t have my size. It was great because he actually kept in touch with the store because he was waiting for it to arrive. He ended up going on the 24th to pick it up. The funny thing is he actually received help by the man that originally helped me when I went into the store to pick the ring out and the proper size.

So, here is my second present (which was a total suprise):

He had this gift wrapped with an actual weight to throw off what was in it. When I opened the box and saw another teal bag, I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea what it could be. To my amazement, he purchased the other ring on my list as well. His reason: “I deserved it.” Can you believe that one? I totally don’t think I deserve it, but I do appreciate that this is the time of year that he loves to really spoil me.

Overall, Christmas break has been very productive. We survived the Christmas holiday. The day after Christmas, I started organizing the kitchen cabinets. It literally took me a day and half, but they are officially organized. I did get rid of a lot of stuff that I knew we hadn’t used in years. Plus, I consolidated stuff so we only have to go to one shelf to find what we need. It felt so good once everything was done, including the yearly paperwork.

On Thursday, Gary and I cleaned out the garage. Now, that adventure only took us a couple hours. But, those hours were really needed to get control of the garage again. Since I’ve been watching a lot more organizational shows like Clean House and Clean Sweep I’m more comfortable about cleaning out our clutter. To make sure we didn’t just push the junk to another place in the garage, I carried everything to the truck. This forced us to drive down to Goodwill to donate everything. It feels so good to give without asking for something in return.

So, the two major projects for the break are officially done. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just get off your butt to do it.

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