Movie Review

We watched a lot of movies this break.

First movie: The fourth addition of the Bring It On Movies: Bring It On: In It to Win It.
REVIEW: Okay, this movie was a total teenie bopper movie. I’m glad that I watched it while I was baking so I didn’t just sit there wasting my time.

Second Movie: Nanny Diaries

REVIEW: Was an okay movie. I would watch it again if it was on tv.

Third Movie: Balls of Fury

REVIEW: Don’t waste your money. I thought it would be something like Dodgeball, but to me it was nothing like it.

Forth Movie: Waitress

REVIEW: Was an okay movie. It definitely was not a typical chick-flick movie. I thought it was supposed to be some what of a comedy, but it wasn’t. I was overall disappointed. The best part of this movie was a line said by the cook when he was asked if he is happy: “Happy enough. I don’t expect much. I don’t get much, I don’t give much. I generally enjoy whatever comes along.”

Fifth Movie: The Simpsons
(I originally got this movie to take to Mom’s for Christmas, but forgot it on the kitchen table. Gary and I endedup watching when we got back from Mom’s instead. I did fall asleep during some parts.)

REVIEW: What I’ve seen of the movie, it was pretty good. I didn’t realize that the movie was going to actually have a plot, but it did.

Sixth Movie: Next

REVIEW: Awesome movie. Definitely going to add to the collection. I’m not sure why this movie wasn’t really publised as much as Nicolas Cage’s other movies, but it should have been. You need to pay attention to the entire movie to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Seventh Movie: Disturbia

REVIEW: Good movie. It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

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