Another Scrapbook Challenge Idea

I found this challenge off of Ali Edwards’s website. The original idea was found at Photojojo and it’s called 365 project. Basically, you take a photo every day for the entire year.

This challenge might be too overwhelming for me especially with coaching taking up majority of my life these days. But, I was thinking of doing something similar. Instead of doing a picture every day for the entire year, do a picture a day for just one month or just take one picture for the entire month. For now, I’ll just add this to my list of projects.

While I have this project in mind, here’s a scrapbook idea to use. Use Photoshop or something else to gather all the pictures into one area in a square format. Make it into 2 8×10 size prints. If it’s horizontal, then put print on the bottom of the pages and have the top be the title: My life in whatever month it is. I should also try to make the squares small enough to print onto just one page with the same title.

To help make sure I remember journaling for each picture, I should download it into my blog. Then I can also put together a mini album with each picture.

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