Happy New Years!! Welcome to 2008.

Tonight Gary and I went to the drive-ins to watch National Treasure 2 and Enchanted. Both movies turned out better than I thought.

REVIEW: It basically was the first one, just with a different treasure map. I’ll definitely add this one to the collection. It got you thinking about what if these things were really true.

REVIEW: Loved this movie. It is such a positive movie. It really gets you to believe in happy ever after.

I originally thought that we would be bringing in the new year either at the drive ins or driving home, but luckily, Enchanged started early. So, we actually left the drive ins around 11:20. We got home around 11:40 which is just in enough time for me to set up my camera for our annual New Year’s Eve picture. This year, our picture turned out great. It only took us a couple of takes, which is a surprise. I normally have to take a lot more before I get one that I like.


So, here’s to another year. I still can’t believe it’s 2008.