Recap of 2008 so far…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since January 1. I really thought I would get back into writing down my thoughts. I guess every day life gets in the way of things.

So, what have I been up to so far this year:

I’ve officially started coaching both boy’s high school team and girl’s club team. We’ve already had a couple of tournaments for the girls this year. My official comment about the girls is that if we could just keep the mental mistakes to a minimum, we’re going to be awesome. For what ever reason, they look like deers in headlights when we play our first match at each tournament. And than towards the end of the day when you would expect them to play terrible because they are too tired, they play awesome.

As for the boys, they are a totally differnt type of breed. We haven’t had a game yet. Our first game is on the 26th of February which is next week. I don’t have cuts because we don’t have that much interest in the sport, so we need to try to get more guys to start coming out. The bad part is some of the guys are still in other sports, so we haven’t had any time to work with them to see how good or bad they are. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of these newbies sooner than later. On the positive side, I did find a part time JV coach. His name is Jason. He just moved to Mt View with his wife and was looking to get back into coaching again. So, this was a perfect opportunity for him and me. Now, hopefully, I can just worry about the varsity team instead of both during practices.

On the negative side, I’ve had to deal with my first sexual harrassment issue. Apparently, one of the players got his shorts pulled down during one of my practices. The bad part about it was no one saw it happen including all of the boys. So, I had to lay down the law that if it happens again, I’ll close down the program. So, as luck would have it, apparently, that same kid got his butt touched during one of the games and didn’t like it. It’s not what it seems. If you know or watch guys playing sports, they get their butts slapped all the time. Apparently, this was one of those times. Now I have to pull this player aside and tell him that it’s just part of the game. There really wasn’t any sexual harrassment involved. And he should just tell the guys himself not to touch him there. I have a feeling if I say anything, it’s only going to cause more issues with this kid. This time around, I’m going to have my AD deal with the psyho mom and her son. They both scary me to the point that I don’t like to be alone with either one of them because I’m not sure what could or would happen.

Work hasn’t changed much except I don’t have a direct supervisor anymore. My original supervisor changed Universities, so now I’m working for a faculty member. I’m still trying to figure out how to make things work. So, hopefully, I will eventually get the hang of everything.

Home Life
Gary and I celebrated Valentine’s Day last week at home watching a movie from On Demand and eating Chili’s. I had to coach, so going out when everyone else was out, was not an option. We actually did this last year and it worked out great. Just being at home makes all of the issues of the world go away. For Valentine’s Day, he did give me a dozen roses again. I’ll post a picture later when I finally get a chance to download them to Flikr.

Since January, I’ve scrapbooked about 15 pages. Now, this is a miracle for me especially since those 15 pages were done in January only and now we’re in February and my desk has the same project on it from the middle of January. I’m starting to go through my magazines again to get inspired. Scrapbooking is such a relaxing craft for me, that I need to start doing it more especially during this crazy time of year for me.

Weight Watchers
So, I joined up for another 17 weeks. The sad part is I’m only 5 pounds lighter than I was from this time last year. I really do need to get myself back in the positive mind set that I can do this giant task of losing weight. I saw a recent volleyball picture of myself and I can’t believe how big I looked. Then again, I was wearing layers of clothes because it was so cold at the tournament. I would love to get to my 10% by July. This way, if Gary and I go on vacation some where, hopefully, I can see the difference.

Gary is still maintaining his 144.4 weight. I’m so jealous. I wish I could have his head strong attitude.

Well, that’s it in a nut shell. I’m hoping I can keep up with this blog so I can have something to look back on to see how I’ve changed or not.

So, here’s to the everyday thing called life.

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