March Goals

So, today is the first day of March and the first day of my mission to get myself to ‘stay motivated’. I want to make sure that I try to follow my weight watchers program better by actually writing down everything that I eat. I also want to start journaling more on my blog. This way, I can always look back and see what I’ve been doing on a certain day.

So today, Gary and I spent the day together. We started off this morning by going to the Flea Market. It’s weird how we live so close to it and never really visit it. We heard that the people that own the Flea Market or at least the land is planning on either selling the entire area or a section of it. Because of this rumor, we decided that we better visit it before it goes away. So, yes the typical scrapbooker in me took my camera and just took different shots. It’s amazing what you can find there.

Flea Market Mascot
Flea Market Mascot

Welcome Sign to the Flea Market
Welcome to Flea Market

Traditional Meal at the Flea Market
Flea Market Food

When we were at the Flea Market, Kimo called me to ask if he can spend the night so he can go to practice tomorrow morning. He also informed me that him and Raylene are having issues again. I’m not completely sure what’s going on, but hopefully once he arrives he’ll be able to fill in the gaps.

After the Flea Market, Gary then took me up to Vacaville to go to their outlets. I actually wanted to go to the Jelly Belly outlet to pick up more flops for work. We ended up warlking around. They don’t have any real stores that we don’t have down here or in Gilroy. They do have the Jelly Belly store, so just that store alone is worth the drive.

Tonight, I found out that Wilcox’s girl’s basketball team won the Division II CCS Championship against Mitty High School. I’m so happy for them, but frustrated at the same time. Now, our gym schedule for next week is going to be that much more challenging. We have a match on Tuesday against Gilroy High School. Because the basketball team also has a game that same day at Wilcox, are game is moved to the small gym. I haven’t had a game in there in over 6 years. I know it can be done, as long as we can get the slots opened for the poles. Otherwise, it’s going to totally such for not only the parents because there’s no place to sit, but for the players because of the lack of room for them to move and serve. I guess we’ll see what happens.

So far, my Varsity team is 2-0. We beat Cupertino and King’s Acadmeny in 3 games each. Next week we start our actual season with Homestead and Mt. View. It’s a good thing that we face the 2 top teams up front. I’m hoping that we can take both of them to 5 games just to prove that we are a team to watch out for. It felt great the other day when Matt Hoffman, the Homestead coach, called me to ask if we’re a team to watch out for this year? My response was as long as the guys can stay focused, I believe we’re the underdog team that no one is expecting to do well.

So, that’s the quick summary for today. Hopefully, this is a start of a good March.

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