March 2

So day two of my March goal.

Kimo stayed the night last night. He officially told us that him and Raelene broke up. In fact, as of Saturday morning, she already moved out her furiture. Kimo already told her that he doesn’t carry what she takes as long as she respects his personal stuff. My consern is really just Haku. Haku is totally Kimo’s dog. When he told Raelene that she needs to do what she needs to do related to the animals, I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid. It looks like Kimo might be moving out to my Aunty Bertha’s mother in law’s home that’s been vacant for the past 2 years. Its a good thing that my mom stays in touch with everyone.

This morning we had our Eclipse practice from 9:30-12. We had a normal practice and than a scrimmage with a bunch of people for an hour. We lost 3 games, but the last game was a good lost because it forced the girls to work together as teammates. I hope this mental challenge actually works for us on Saturday which is our first Area League at Leland High School.

After practice, Gary and I went grocery shopping and spent about $200 on food. My plan is to not have to go shopping for hopefully at least 2 weeks. I know that’s sad, but with my schedule, I feel better knowing that Gary will have food when I’m not home.

So, that’s about it for today. Nothing but a relaxing day.

Tonight I watch the Big Give which is Oprah’s new show. It actually is pretty good. I like the concept and of course it made me cry alot. It’s right after Extreme Home Makeover, which is my favorite Sunday show, so I should remember that it’s on.

Tomorrow should be the start of an interesting week.

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