Our first lost of the season

I should have known the way we practice yesterday that tonight’s game was going to be bad. At practice yesterday, we had to set up the gym to make sure that we had everything for the game. We only had the gym 4:15-5:30, so having a full practice wasn’t going to happen. I basically had both teams scrimmage each other. And the way the varsity team played, should have warned me about tonight.

Tonight’s match aganist Gilroy was a bit challenging. The boys didn’t really play to their best ability. I believe it was all mental. Because the girl’s basketball team was playing their State game in the main gym, I think they were more interested in ending the match just so they could get over there to watch them.

Tomorrow is our first season game against Homestead. Homestead is ranked #1 for both Varsity and JV. So, if we can take both teams to the limit, I think the word will get out that Wilcox is a team to watch out for this season.

As for my day at work, it was very uneventful. It’s amazing when you put your mind to getting something accomplished, you can actually get it done. I’ve had one thing on my list to do since January and I just kept doing other things. I finally told myself that no matter what, I was going to process the honoriarum for Jennifer I for her work she did back in September. I know that’s sad that I put it off forever. I’m hoping that tomorrow, I can have that same mental game and just put my mind to it and get the little things accomplished so I can start to cross things off my list.

To add fuel to my fire, after our game, I can home with a massive headache. I have to get my eyes checked because they tend to burn now more than ever. Add that to my headache, and I’m not good company tonight. Luckily, Gary is very understanding.

I hope tomorrow night is better not only for me, but for everything in general.

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