Friday is almost here…

I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday. Not just because it’s Friday, but I don’t have to work tomorrow. I have to be the good daughter and spend time with my mom, but hopefully taking a little time off will give me strength to keep going.

I actually had a very productive day at work today. More productive than normal. I tend to do more research and monitoring of my grants than getting the little things done. I made the decision that I was going to finally take care of the little things just so I can mark things off my list. It felt good.

One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do was become a member of the AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association). This is the association that volleyball coaches join to gain knowledge about coaching and volleyball in general. One of my goals is to become a better coach, so I’m glad that I finally just did it.

Today we only had a JV and Eclipse practice. I think by cancelling the Varsity practice allow me to concentrate on just Eclipse and Jack to work with the JV. By having one court in the middle open made the boys concentrate more on what was going on. Towards the end of practice, we scrimmaged each other. It was great to see the boys improve. As for the girls, they weren’t playing like a team, so it will be interesting to see how they do this weekend.

We also found out today that for our tournament this weekend, we’ll be heading to Salinas. The scary part is that Gary mentioned that in the news recently Salinas had a very high crime rate. So, I’m a little worried about my car in the parking lot. I know that’s a bad thing to think about it, but I rather be safe than sorry. I’m going to make sure that I remove everything of value. I’m also thinking of removing my car regisration and just leave it in my backpack where my wallet is. This way if they take the car, they at least won’t know where I live.

So, tomorrow I’m with Mom all day. Wish me luck 🙂

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