Busy couple of days…

On Friday, my varsity boys lost to Mt View in 5. We won the first two matches 26-24; 26-24. And than we lost the next 3. They played a great game, but mentally started to lose it by making very stupid mistakes. As for the JV team, they did lose in 2, but they played great. Now, that was a good lose.

Then on Saturday, I had an Eclipse tournament in Salinas. We got to Salinas really early like normal and found out that the gym they had for us to use was not available yet to set up. By the time we finally got all the poles and nets set up we started around 9:30 instead 8:30. Because we had 4 courts, the pool play ended on time.

We won all of our pool play matches.

The first match was against Club VIP 15-1. Scores were 25-13; 25-6. This was an easy match for the girls. The second match was definitely alot more challenging. We played Newark Nets Ami 16-1. Scores were 25-8; 22-25; 15-8. We needed this win in order to place first in our pool play.

After pool play was bracket play. The brackets were set up for all first place; second place; third place. So, we ended up up facing all the first place teams. Included in our bracket was ALCiS 15-2 (Kim’s team); Endline Black 16-1; and Eclipse Black 16-1 (Raudy’s team).

Our first match was against the other Eclipse team. I knew eventually we would run into them, I just didn’t think it would be in the first tournament of our season. The games were very closely matches. Scores were 26-24; 23-25; 15-11. I told the girls that we basically have nothing to lose and everything to win. It was amazing how well they played together as a team.

Our second match was against ALCiS 15-2. This was the team that their coach Kim basically sad negative things about me in order to get my players to go with her to her new club. The bad thing is that because we beat Eclipse Black, they had to ref our game. Raudy definitely was calling things equally which was good. Once again, the girls stepped up as a team and played very well. The first game was 25-23. However, the girls fell apart in the 2nd game and the score showed it 13-25. Then with the third game, the girls came alive. We ended up winning 15-13. I couldn’t control my enjoyment that I started to cry I was so happy. It was more a personal win than anything else. In one weekend, my team beat our club’s top team and the club team that didn’t like us. It felt great.

So, the past couple of days have been busy with volleyball. Sunday was open gym from 12-3 and than a restful afternoon at home with Gary. We ended up going to Hollywood Video to rent some movies. We walked out with purchasing 5 movies for our collection and renting 5 to watch. As soon as we’re done watching everything, I’ll write up my reviews.

So, until another day. Have a good one.

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