One Game…

My varsity boys did not make playoffs by one game.  One game.  It totally sucks.  Our overall percentage points was higher than the two teams ahead of us in our league standings.  However, because we lost to Monta Vista the second time we saw them, they got into playoffs.  The positive is we ended our season 14-10 which is a lot better than 3-16 we were last year.  During our last match, which is Senior night, the guys ended up giving me a great homemade card which everyone signed and a leather volleyball which everyone also signed.  The surprise of the night was their thank you to my mom. They gave her a build a bear with a balloon.  It was great. 

I did learn a lot this year as a coach too. I know that I can push them to get better even when they don’t think they have nothing left. I also know that I need to be a lot more organized as a coach to make sure nothing administrative is necessary during my season. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to have a JV team or not, but I want to do a lot of advertising now instead of later. In fact, I probably should ask Susan for help on this one. (Susan, I need your help. LOL)

So, now that I don’t have volleyball everyday, I’m hoping to turn my attention back to Gary and scrapbooking. These next couple of months should be less stressful for me so I can enjoy life again.  That is until August rolls around.

We do have vacations every month so far this summer. June (Reno); July (Laughlin & Vegas) (I wish I could go to Hawaii too, but Gary shot down that idea due to finances.) August (Utah). This summer is going to be fun. I’m so excited.


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