Coach of the Year 2008

I was voted Coach of the Year from my coaching peers during our end of the season meeting which was held May 5.  I was totally surprised.  Our league rep, Matt, nomiated me.  His response actually surprised me.  I wasn’t ready for the nomiation.  He said that I turned the program from having 0-12 seasons to being one win away from making the playoffs.  And that had to do with the coaching along with the players.  This made me feel really great especially since I never think that I would be recognized by my peers.

I’m not sure what happens now though. Wilcox has their end of the year awards banquet on May 29th, so I’m not sure if something will be presented then or if it’s going to just pass by.  I actually sent an email to Wilcox informing them of my win just in case someone calls.

The funny thing about everything is that once my boy’s season ended, I started up planning for my girl’s.  It’s like a never ending battle to keep up with it all.  I have my first preseason meeting for the girls on May 15th. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of interested players attending.

I’m still finishing up my club season. We had our worse finish so far this year (7th place). The girls played like they never played before.  It was just that bad.  I believe a lot of it was mental for them as well.  I hope our next 2 tournaments the girls will step up and play to their full potential.  I’m really curious how this season will end.

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