12 Years ago…

Gary and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniserary yesterday.  We went to Point Reyes.  I’ve been wanting to take a picture with the lighthouse and I finally got it.  It was very foggy, but it was great.  We went there early enough that it wasn’t very crowded, which is perfect for us.  We got to enjoy the area without fighting people for parking spaces or traffic.  It was very relaxing. We got to have a picnic near Bear Valley, the park headquarters. It felt great that we didn’t have to rush through it to get back to reality.  The cost value would have been low, but we donated at each of the visitors centers we stopped at.  We also had to pay toll for two bridges (San Rafael $4 and Golden Gate $5).  Since we brought our own food, we didn’t have to worry about spending money there.  Gary did take me to Red Lobster for dinner, but we used our $25 gift certificate, so the meal was reasonable.  Overall, it was an inexpensive day trip that we could easily do again.

I still can’t believe that its been 12 years already.  Time has definitely gone by fast.  I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been extremely busy with volleyball for majority of the year.  I’m just grateful that Gary is supportive of my coaching.  Now, if I can only find that job that pays me $70-75k a year, I’ll be able to start to build a retirement nest for us sooner than later.  Gary mentioned to me yesterday that he’s going to be retiring 8 years before me.  I never really thought about that until he said something.  Since Al doesn’t offer a retirement plan, we need to start putting away more now because for 8 years, my income is going to be the majority of support for us to live on.  It’s a scary thought to have to worry about it.

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