Bryan Adams Groupie!!!

Bryan Adams

On Saturday, May 17th, Maureen and I went to Walmart in Union City to stand in line to get Bryan Adams’s autograph.   He wasn’t supposed to be there until 5pm, but we got there early at 3:15.  We were thinking about 1:30, but once we got there and realized that we were still in the front of the line, it was a good thing we didn’t get there that early. The sad part was the line wasn’t that long.  We could have easily got back in line for yet another picture.

The experience was great.  We were having a great time until Ray had to call Maureen and ruin it for her.  Its sad that she can’t have any fun and he has to ruin it every time.  The first call was to find out which field he was going to be on.  When she didn’t know, he got mad.  The second call was to tell her that she forgot Ryan’s belt.  He then went on to tell her that she was a bad parent because she forgot his belt.  How sad is that one.  I really believe he needs to look in the mirror before he starts to question her parenting abilities.

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