When I returned from our vacation in Vegas, I had to get ready for my visit to Utah for CKU-Provo. This was my scrapbooking get away I’ve been wanting to go to for years. I ended up joining a dorm so I would have people to interact with during my stay. I never thought that my dormmates would be so much fun. My first dormmate, Melannie, I meant for the first time at the airport. It turns out that she leaves in Morgan Hill which is about 30 minutes from my house. She was on the same flight as me. The funny part is that I was in row 2C and she was 3B. So we just asked the person that was supposed to be sitting by me to switch seats so we could just sit together. It worked out great.

This is a picture of me and Melannie on the airplane.

 When we got to Utah, I actually had to wait to get my rental car, which worked out since I had to pick up 2 of my dormmates that were arriving about an hour later. I originally signed up for a compact car, but ended up getting a mini-SUV at the same cost as the compact car. This car was perfect size for our luggage and all the bags we ended up getting from the different scrapbook stores we visited.

When I picked up my dormmates, Ellen and Tracy, we started down the road to our numerous stops. Now, you have to realize that Utah is the scrapbook captiol of the world. They have so many stores, that it’s nearly impossible to visit all of them in the time allowed. You really do need to get there at least 2 days earlier just to visit everything. But anyways, we stopped at 4 stores before we got to our hotel. I was so happy that I actually got a room at the host hotel instead of down the road. It made life so much easier. The three of us got to the hotel in time to check in with CKU and get our hotel room. It turns out that Melannie also arrived at the same time so I got to get a room on the same floor as her. We ended up going out to dinner that first night together at the Spagetti Factory which was located at a mall where one of the scrapbook stores we were going to visit was located.

There was just one store I had to go to when I was in Utah and that was Archiever’s. This store is one large store just for scrapbooking.  I was so excited when we finally got to go in there.  I think that first night we spent about 3 hours there. It was crazy. The crazy part is that I think I went back to this store about 3 times. I just love it. I so wish that Gary and I could go back to Utah just so I could go back in there.  That store is just awesome. It truly is my favorite.

Once we finally got back to the hotel, we had to meet up with our other dormmates. We distributed all of the different items so that everyone would have their things.

On Thursday, everyone stayed in one room and all of the teachers moved around us. It was a great because you didn’t feel rushed to have to go stand in line for the next class. During this time, I found out that my secret sister that I was exchanging little gifts with was also in my homeroom. Her name is Denise Thomas.

It was great to meet her early on so that I could say hello to her whenever we ran into each other.

During that same time, I found out that my secret sister that was spoiling me was also in my homeroom. Her name is Emily Irwin. We plan to have lunch together that day as well, which was great especially since I didn’t know anyone else in the room.

After the homeroom, we had to go back to our rooms to get ready for the dorm performances. Our dorm was one of three that was picked to do a song. Our dorm name was the Scrapin’ Bees, so our theme was bees. Our song was Bees just wanna have fun to the song of Cyndi Lapers Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Since we had to perform on stage we need to have costumes made. This is what our costume was:

It came out great. Everyone had to do something for the costume. I signed up to do the name tags, which I thought came out great. It turns out that we came in third. But oh well, I had a blast.

After we performed, we then had additional classes during the crop that night. It was so overwhelming, but awesome.

On Friday, I had my album track which was called Story of Us. This is basically an album about Gary and I. I was so determined to get this album completed. I just never realized how much work was invovled with it. There was so much painting involved, that no one could take their lunch break because there just wasn’t enough time. Would I take another class from Rusty Pickle again, in a heartbeat. It was a blast and I actually learned a lot. That night, was yet again, more classes during the crop. I believe this was the same night that I went back to Archiever’s. I totally love that store.

On Saturday, we had mini classes. I could totally pass up on some of them because I felt like it was more of an opportunity for them to sell their products instead of really teaching us things.  On Saturday night, CKU annouced the winners of all the contests. My nametag that I put together actually won. I was so excited. Melannie’s card she submitted also won, so I was so excited for her.  After they did all the annoucments, we wanted to go visit some other stores that we knew were staying open late. I thought Archiever’s was awesome, we went into Heartfelt Memories, and this place was unspeakable. It kept going and going. So, now if I ever go back to Utah, these are the two mandatory stores I need to stop at. 

On Sunday, we said our good byes and headed home. I took Tracy and Ellen to their other hotel since they were staying an additional day but closer to the airport. Melannie and I were on the same trip home, so we just met up at the airport. However, this time, the flight was packed so we couldn’t exchange seats. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I’m glad I did.

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