Yes, I’m back from vacation

I know my last post said that Gary and I were leaving on a 10 day vacation not a 2 1/2 month vacation. Sorry I haven’t stayed in touch. I’ve been meaning to right about our vacation for months now, but life gets in the way and updating the blog gets pushed down on the to do list. So, I’m going to attempt to post some pictures a long with some thoughts about our vacation.


Our first stop on our vacation was to Laughlin where we stayed at a resort on the river called Avi. The place was very relaxing. This was the first time where I actually got a chance to see Gary in a swimming pool. It felt great to just wake up and do nothing. 

We rented a jetski to drive down the river up to where the main strip in Laughlin is located. We decided to do this on a Monday, which was perfect because there was no traffic on the river.  The weather was hot, but being by the pool or river, made it tolerable.

Avi Resort 

This is the front of the resort.

 Avi Resort 

This is the back of the resort.

 Beach at Avi 

This is the beach that was right outside the resort.

When we went to the main strip to walk around the casinos, we stopped off at the Riverview Resturant where they have the largest hamburger. I wanted to try this hamburger during our last visit to Laughlin, but they were remodling, so this was my change. The cost wasn’t too bad, only around $9.00 for the hamburger and fries.

Hamburger Plate 

This is the hamburger plate.

Half Hamburger

I could only eat half of it.  It actually really was a good hamburger.

Grand Canyon (I’ll post picutres later. I haven’t downloaded them to flickr yet.)

We decided to visit the Grand Canyon during this trip since it was only a couple of hours away from Laughlin. It has been at least 13 if not 14 years since the last time Gary took me there. The place is just amazing. The crowds wasn’t too bad because we were in the middle of the week. We only budgeted a couple of days here which was perfect. Since we weren’t planning on hiking, it was just the right amount of time to see everything.


On the way to Vegas, we took the famous route 66. It’s amazing how Gary can get us around the country on just a map.  He’s such a good navigator. We got to stop off at a muesum to read about the history of Route 66.  Once we got to Vegas, we stayed at a casino that was totally off the strip called Red Rock. The place was awesome. It was very high class for lower money.  When we walked into the room, everything was top of the line from the towels to the alcohol they had in the minibar.

During our first actual day there, we wanted to spend time at the pool. However, it turns out that something was wrong with the pool, so they kicked everyone out. The next day though, we got down there at 8am and didn’t leave until 5. It was awesome. It was so relaxing. The heat was a little much, but we just went into the water to cool down and everything was okay.


Here is a shot of the pool where we stayed for 8 hours.

The entire trip was so relaxing. It was great to just wake up and go without having to worry about anything. It was a prefect vacation.

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