So, during Neo’s recovery, I had to take a week off of work to make sure that he was okay. During this time, Rebbeca, my assistant coach, told me to read the Twilight series. I heard about the books, but never had any interest in reading them.  I started to read Twilight the 1st book and the next thing I knew, I read it very quickly. I couldn’t wait to see Rebbeca to get the 2nd and 3rd book from her. It turns out that she didn’t have the 4th book because she lent it to a friend. Since I knew I was going to have time to read all the books, I ended up going to Costco to pick up the complete series.

Twilight Series I ended up reading all 4 books within a week. Since the movie has been out since November 2008, I wanted to see it. So, Gary ended up taking me to the drive ins. Now, if you read the book first like I did, you can tell that some things were totally different. It didn’t build up the relationship of Edward and Bella as the book did.  However, Gary enjoyed the movie. I’m thinking if I saw the movie first and than read the books I probably would have enjoyed it better.

The crazy part was after we saw the movie, I had to come home and read the first book again. I had to try to figure out what the differences were between the two. Of course, I couldn’t stop so I ended up reading all of the books again. I know I’m a crazy person. But I really did enjoy the love story.

The actual DVD is coming out on March 21 for the movie. I can’t wait to see it again. One of the bad parts about a drive in is the quality of the sound along with the dark scenes of the movie. When I’m at home, it’s like watching the movie for the first time again, but with better quality.

The 2nd book is also becoming a movie. They are starting to film it this month with a release date of November 2009. Hopefully, it will be released some time around my birthday so I can ask Gary to take me to see that one at the drive ins as well. I’m so excited. I’m now one of the millions that fell into the Twilight Series.

Thanks Beca!!

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