Breakfast of Champions!!

Mt Dew Code Red

Moutain Dew Code Red – Kalae got me on this soda a long time ago. I can easily drink a can just like water. When I started Weight Watchers awhile ago, I decided that I should drink diet soda. I really dislike Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke, so I thought why not stick with what I know I really like. Diet Mt Dew Code Red does have that diet after taste like other diet drinks, but this just tastes better to me.

Because I’ve been waking up early to start my day, I’m finding that having one of these a day helps me get through it. So, if anyone wants to try a diet soda, try this one. WARNING: drink it with ice or cold.

Don’t get me work, I also have my Fiber One Pop Tart too.  So, at least I’m getting in some type of food besides just the caffeine.

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