Our hospital visit…

On March 5, I received a call from mom asking to come see her because she wasn’t feel well. She wanted me to take her to the hospital. So, I left work early to go to her house. When I got there, she was in bed looking like death. We called the advice nurse for Kaiser to figure out what to do. Since I couldn’t carry her, we decided to call an ambulance. About an hour later, we were on our way to Kaiser emergency room.

Mom hospital bed

We were in less than 20 minutes when Roy showed up, which was good. I’m sure Mom was happy that he was there. About an hour or two later, the doctor finally showed up to exam her. It turns out that she has a very bad case of veritgo. So, the doctor wants to run some additional tests to make sure that there are no other issues with her. All of the tests came back negative.

So, the scrapbooker in me decided it was time to start taking more pictures. The picture above was taken when we first was in the hospital. I took this picture of Roy and decided that the blank wall made it look like a mug shoot.


After she was given her actual meds for her vertigo, Roy was being really loving.

Roy & Mom

I already knew I wanted to get a picture of Mom & I, so I was going to hand Roy my camera. Then I realized he might not get the picture I had in mind. So, instead I did the famous self portrait:

Mom & Me

When I saw this picture, I could not stop laughing. This is so classic. Mom is passed out because of the drugs and I’m taking pictures smiling. Even today, I totally laugh when I see it. I’m such a loving daughter. I’m just lucky that my mom doesn’t carry a camera in her purse. Otherwise, I’m sure she would gladly get me back if I’m ever in the emergency room again.

Overall, Mom is doing better. She’s still on some meds, but she did a follow up with her actual doctor this past week. She said that she probably had some type of virus that brought on the ear infection that caused the vertigo. As long as she takes it easy, she’ll be okay.

And just to make sure that everyone knows, this wasn’t the first time my mom called me to take her to the doctor. Back in January, she was complaining about a toothache. So, she wanted to me leave work early and take her to see the dentist. I figured since I had to document my day, why not utilize this perfect opportunity to take my picture of the day.

Mom Dentist Chair

Yes, I know, I’m a very loving daughter.

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