Our kids…

Here are some updated pictures of our children. I took them last weekend when it was very nice outside.

This is my little girl. She used to weight 11 pounds, but for some reason, she’s dropped to 9 over the past year. We ran tests, but the doctor’s couldn’t give us a reason for the weight loss. As long as she’s eating and drinking and still the same loving cat, we’ll be okay. I knew how I felt when we went through the challenge with Neo in January. I don’t want to imagine what life would be like if something happened to Jasmine or Abu.




Here is our big boy, Abu. He’s still the Alpha Cat even with the adoption of Neo. They do get along better now, which is a good thing. There are times though when you can hear them having a sibling issue, but they tend to last only a minute before someone walks away. He weights 19 pounds now instead of 20. He’s still considered obese, but to us there’s just that more to love. Yes, he still sleeps with us and wakes us up when he’s ready to eat. So, at least his routine hasn’t changed over the years.


And last but not least, is our new boy, Neo. He’s adjusting very well to living inside. I think it really helps that he does get his moments to play outside. He probably should have been a dog though. He loves to follow us everywhere. He also greets us at the door when you arrive home. It’s awesome. If he’s sitting in the window seal of the front window, he’ll run to the door just to be the first one to say hello. He’s still doing okay. He’s starting to get too smart for his own good. He doesn’t always take his medicine the way we want him too, but eventually it gets down his throat. He’s such a sweetheart.


So, that’s our kids.  Aren’t they cute? We think so. Life would be boring without them.

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