Project 365…

So, I decided that I was going to do my Project 365: A Picture a Day project from March 22, 2009 – March 21, 2010. Since the week normally starts on a Sunday, I decided why not just document Gary’s 45th year. So, my first picture of the year is of my birthday boy. You can read all of the details regarding this birthday on my previous post.

Since the project also makes sure that I document what happened on the day, I thought I would also bulletized things:

  • Gary’s 45th birthday
  • Sang to him in bed
  • Eclipse practice 10-12 Sunnyvale Community Center
  • Picked up Panda Express for lunch
  • Opened presents when I got home
  • Watched Twilight (again.)
  • Organized scrapbook desk
  • Started to work on Jasmine’s Cat Album
  • Went with Gary to do his call
  • Watched Twilight (again.)
  • Finished Laundry (I actually put everything away as well.)
  • Read New Moon (again.)
  • Got ready for practice

Here is my picture of the day. Gary with Neo in the backyard. You can totally see the love or enjoyment they have for each other.

Gary & Neo

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