Neo the Cat

So, my life has been keeping me very busy.  Not much has been happening since my last post except for our new addition:



Neo adopted us back in August 2008. He started to eat the food we left out to feed the squirrals. Then he started to feel like home when he would just sleep in the backyard. Every day for about 5 minutes, Gary would go out there to talk to him and make him feel more comfortable. Then eventually, Neo allowed Gary to pet him. Now, at this time, we weren’t too sure if Neo was a boy or girl. Until finally, he was up in the tree and turned around. Let’s just say you could tell immediately he was a boy. We started to feed Neo every day outside. He was going to be our official outdoor cat.  Which was fine since Jasmine and Abu were not ready to have a new brother yet.

Then one morning, Gary notices that he has some type of sore on his neck. We took him in to get it removed. When we were there, he got his teeth cleaned and his balls chopped off. We thought after all of this Neo would think that he picked the wrong house and would run away. We were totally wrong. He still loved us.

He really tested our love in January. He wasn’t breathing right, so I took him into the vet to find out what was wrong with him. It turns out that he has a broken leg, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as finding out that he has a very bad heart. He only has about 40% usage of his heart. So, he’s on meds now 2 times a day. When we first brought him home from the vet, we had to keep him in doors.  Luckily, Abu and Jasmine slowly got to know him over the past couple of months because now instead of being our official outdoor cat, he had to stay indoors. The first couple of days was torture for all of us because Neo wasn’t used to being indoors.  Then finally we decided that he would be happier if he could have some outdoor time. So, he gets to go out during the day when we’re at home. But, then stays inside during the night. It’s a great compromise.  The doctor gave Neo 2 months to 2 years because of his heart condition. So, every day we have with him is a blessing.

So, now we are a happy family of 5.