Malina’s Junior Prom

Malina had her Jr Prom on May 16th. She ended up asking one of my volleyball players since she goes to an all girls school.  It was a huge benefit to be coaching boy’s volleyball because she knew all of the players so it was just a matter of which one she was going to ask.  Of course there was some requirements, he had to be tall enough so she could wear heals.  Not a problem, I have 3 guys that’s at least 6′.  She ended up asking Steven Miller.  He’s a great guy, plus he’s friendly and very smart.

They ended up meeting at my house to take pictures.  I asked my girlfriend’s husband Ray to take professional photos in my backyard.  I think they came out great.  Here is some of the collection of pictures.  They are great scrapbooking material.  I can’t wait to do something with them.


 Malina and Steven

All of Malina’s friends


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