Worse furry mommy of the world goes to….

Me. Neo’s fur was starting to get a little out of control. So, I figured it was time for another grooming. Instead of transporting him to the groomer, I decided to go with a mobile service that comes to our house. So, on May 25th, he had his appointment. First, the groomer was about 2 hours late. Apparently, she got lost. Once she did arrive, I told her that I wanted her to shave Neo’s butt and stomach.

This is what he looked like before:

This is him after:

Gary was PISSED. So, instead of a long haired cat, he’s short hair now. Neo was so upset and miserable. The positive is that it is summer, so hopefully having shorter hair will help keep him cool. His fur is starting to come back slowly. I’ve actually gotten used to seeing him like this now. In fact, he has a little bit more energy too.

So, I’ve learned my lesson in the terms that I use. Because Neo’s going to have to go to a groomer again, we’re just going to have to go back to the first guy even though it’s an all day event.

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