A New Family Member

Kimo proposed to his girlfriend Jackie on Christmas. We spent Christmas day talking about different ideas of how he should do it. I continued to tell him the main thing is he needed to get down on one knee. I think that’s so important.

He finally left Mom’s house around 7:30pm. He came up with the idea of calling Jackie when he got near Elk Grove to have her come get him because his truck broke down. He did this near a park that had Christmas lights, which is a perfect location. He then had to come up with a story to get her over to the bridge. So, he used the fish to distract her. It worked because she turned around to find Kimo down on one knee. =) She said yes, so now we’re going to have a new family member some time in the future.

This is their first engagement photo.
Kimo & Jackie Engagement

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