10 for 10 Goals

I came up with my list for 2010. Majority of goals is focused on my crafts. I use my crafts as my outlet from the every day life. Let’s see if I can accomplish some of these things this year.

1. Complete 10 projects. These can be new ones I haven’t started yet or complete the ones I have started that I just need to add journaling or pictures. Believe me, I have so many kits that I’ve purchased over the years. This goal can be accomplished, if I just sit down to do it.

2. Learn Photoshop and WordPress. I should probably call this goal learning technology. Photoshop is somewhat easy to use. My SIL showed me the basics and it looks easy enough, but when I go back to do it myself, forget it. As for WordPress, this is be blogging software. I seriously need to learn how to use it. I would love to do different things with my blog, but I just don’t know how to do it.

3. 10 Digital Scrapbook Pages. I’m forcing myself to learn photoshop so I can do different things including scrapbook pages. I can accomplish 2 goals by doing 1. So we’ll see what happens.

4. Organize photos. I seriously need to get my photos organized that are currently on my harddrive. Right now, they are listed only by dates. I have to go into Kodak Easy Share Software to find the picture I want to figure out what date it falls under. So, I learned something from Maureen the other night. To use catagories instead of just dates. Since I have about 6 years worth of pictures, this will be a huge process. Baby steps…

5. Learn how to use the manual feature on my camera. Since it’s going to be awhile until I can afford to purchase my dream camera, I figured I better learn at least the basics of photography again. This is where my easy share camera is going to help me. If I can just learn how to use it in manual mode, I’ll learn the basics of how things work in general. So, I’ll be ready to take the huge step when the time comes.

6. Take 10 Photo Challenges. I learned recently that there are a ton of photo challenges out there that I can participate in. By learning to use my camera, I can get feedback from other people to become a better photographer.

7. Walk to 10 new locations. I figured I can get my body used to walking at least a mile 10 times this year. I need to take baby steps remember. =) We live in an area that I can easily just pick one location and walk to it. Plug in my iPod and go. It has to be at least a total of a mile. Plus, I can bring my camera too and take pictures along the way.

8. 10 sick days. Last year, was a bad year for me at work. I was sick so often that I really believe my boss was going to fire me. The crazy part is that I believe they really weren’t official sick days. More like, I rather not be at work days. So, this year, I want to challenge myself to only stay home when I’m really sick. Now, granted, there are times when I have to be at home to take care of something, but I’m hoping I can work from home those days so they don’t count. I’m talking about the days when I wake up and say forget it.

9. Blog about the everyday life. I read other people’s blogs about their everyday lives. It’s great because they now have a journal of the everyday to look back on. I recently found my journal from last year and read it. It was great remembering what happen a year ago.

10. Save $100 a month. If we start to save at least $100 a month we can have a very nice vacation next year. So, I’m hoping to just transfer that money into our savings account so we’ll have at least $1200 to use. Then again, maybe I should just withdraw the money and put it in a box at home. This way, I know it won’t be used.

So, that’s it for 2010. I know everything can be achieved. It’s a matter of just doing it.

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