A bad night…

Gary and I carpooled today because he had to be at a job at 8am. When we got to his work, he realized that his van was missing. He tried for over an hour to get a hold of his boss.  We couldn’t believe that his boss actually took his phone off the hook and didn’t have his cell phone on.  When he finally turned on his phone, he confirmed what Gary was afraid of his van was stolen.  The sad part is that his was one night that Gary forgot to take his tools out.

You have to understand that for the past year Gary has made every effort to remove his tools on a night basis so if the van was broken into, his tools wouldn’t be stolen.  It’s hard to believe that the one time he forgets, the entire van gets stolen.

So, they actually did find the van in Castro Valley.  It was completely gutten out.  They took everything including the box that was located in between the seats that held everything.  They even took the drawers from Gary’s desk area where he rekeys everything.

So, we get to go shopping now to restock his tools.  His boss is going to reimburse us, so that’s a good thing.  I just feel so sorry for Gary.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for him as well.

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