Why are people so special?

Today I had to do a review with one of my new admins. I thought I was mentally prepared. I had written notes on what I wanted to discuss with her and everything. But once I started the meeting, nothing came out like I wanted it too. I really hate being rude or mean to people especially when I’m trying to give them feedback on their job. I like to sugar coat things it’s just my management style. It’s been working with other admins, so I thought it would work with her. But I was completely wrong. After the meeting, I totally felt like I didn’t get my point across. Instead, I felt like I was just given my 30 day notice.

I figured I would have to get my point across in my email, so I asked for assistance in writing it up from my HR friends to make sure it made sense. I finally got approval from the faculty member and then I sent it out when I got home from practice. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning when she reads it. I’m guessing that she’s going to be surprised, but oh well. I have to keep reminding myself that she works for me. I don’t work for her.

Practice wasn’t what I expected. We had pictures today so that took the first 30 minutes. So, when we finally got started, I wanted to focus on defensive coverage. But one of the JV players had to be stupid so I had to stop by practice and make a point that he’s not all that and then some. We don’t have a gym tomorrow because of basketball, so only JV will be practicing. I hope they start to show Rebbeca some respect. The only positive is that Mom went to Taco Bell for me for dinner.

I hope tomorrow is better than today. So, we’ll see what happens.

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