Our First Real Game

My boys had their first real game last night against King’s Academy.  Going in, my logic was to just hit our goal of 10 points. King’s actually took our league last year 12-0, so I know they have talent. We ended up losing the first game 13-25. I was happy because we got our 10 points. However, the level of play from my boys was not up to par. I knew they could do better. Eventually, they did show up and we lost the 2nd game 19-25. This was much better than the 1st game, so I’m much happier.  For the 3rd game, we actually won 25-23. I wasn’t paying attention to the score so when we won I was a little surprised. This game showed that they can stay focused and play strong. We came out a little slow for the 4th game, but made it a match. We ended up losing on Tyrell’s missed serve 20-25.  But I was happy at the outcome. Even my bench was great. The positive attitude that came from them encouraged the guys on the bench.

After the match, the other coach came to me and said that as long as my guys continue to play tough, we have a great chance on winning this year.  The sad part is that we do have a lot of talent, it’s our mental game that will get us every time. If only they can stay focused, we will make a mark this season.

We have 2 more matches this week against Lincoln and Cupertino. We need to focus on our strengths and start to utilize them more.

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