Volleyball recap

We won last night against Lincoln.  They really didn’t have a strong team, but leave it to my boys to play down to their level.  I was so bad and frustrated. I had a feeling we were going to do that.  I want them to be mentally strong not just physically. This way, when we play against stronger teams this season, we can be consistant. We have our first real match against Cupertino tomorrow. Last year, we beat them in 4 and then they turned around and beat us in 5. So, they are a strong team. It’s just a matter of which team of mine is planning on showing up.

I found out today that my club team will be traveling to Watsonville on Saturday for our Area League 1. I just don’t understand how we always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to locations. It appears that majority of the teams we were originally grouped with is going to San Jose City College.  Now, we’re being paired with the other Eclipse team in Watsonville.  The Zhang’s must have done or said something because it never fails. We always have to travel at least an hour away. I really wanted San Jose because that’s also our monthly girls night out at Tina’s place. I was planning on going when we were originally playing in Santa Clara, but now I have no idea if I will or not.  I did print out directions, so we’ll see what happens.  It’s possible that I might just go and end up leaving an hour later.

So, I have double duty today for practice. I’m going to be missing players from both teams, so it should be an interesting practice all together.

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