RIP Missy Girl

Missy GirlTuesday, April 13 was a very sad day for our family.  Our Missy Girl, passed away.  She went into the vets to get surgery done to remove a gall stone.  They started to put her under when her heart rate started to drop.  So, they stop the procedure until they could get her heart rate up again.  After some meds and oxygen, her heart rate improved.  They went to shave her stomach and once again her heart rate dropped.  However, this time, they couldn’t bring her back.  She passed away on the operating table.

That was a sad call to receive from Mom that Missy died.  I left work immediately so I can be with her. Kalae, Mom, and I went to the vets to say our last good byes.  The doctor told us what happened.  The only positive is that because she was already under, she didn’t suffer.  So, thankfully, she wasn’t in any pain when she left us.

We decided to have her cremated.  Mom and I will be picking her up next week.  She’s eating all of the chicken and snacks she wants now.  Plus, chasing Neo around, I bet.  She will truly be missed.

To this day, it’s still very hard to believe she’s gone.  Whenever I go over to Mom’s I’m still looking for her and waiting for her to start jumping on my legs. Or the best is when it’s dinner time and she knows that she’s going to get something of what I’m eating.  Now, instead of ‘accidently’ dropping things on the ground, I just give it to Roy. =)

I miss you so much Missy Girl.


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