7th to 1st in one week…

This past weekend, my club team took first place in our first Area League tournament.  After a 7th finish in qualifiers, I was disappointed because I knew they could play so much better.  I believe we have a lot of talent on our team, we just need to play smarter especially when it’s a close game.

This was a very long tournament for me. Because I don’t believe in up officials to be players especially since I’m guilty of yelling at them too, I up ref.  Because we took first in our pool, we had to ref the first match of bracket play.  Since there was 9 teams in our group, they had a semi-final round.  We had a bye, but we had to still ref that match. So I never left the court from 7:45 until we finished.  Luckily, one of my mom’s brought me some snacks to munch on.  I need to start to learn to just bring my own food especially on days like these.  Let’s just say, my calves where hurting once I finally got home from all the standing and walking around I did that day.

Our other club team, Point Break Matt had to play Team Titan in the semi-round, which we had to officiate.  They ended up losing and took home 3rd.  We played Team Titan in the final round. We won the first set 25-23. They took the second set 22-25. In the third and final set, they had the momentum on their side and took a sight lead.  I could totally tell the girls were very tired.  When we had to switch sides at 8, I called my first time out.  I had to tell them to basically reach within to pull out any energy they had left to finish this match.  We slowly turned it on.  We took a couple of points and then they took a couple of points.  With us at 9 and them at 13, we stayed focused and allowed them to make the mistakes.  After 3 hitting errors on their part, we caught up 12-13.  At this point in the match, I’m just happy that we were playing as well as we were.  They did score another point so it’s now 12-14.  We stayed focused again and played very good defense.  Everyone played as a team.  We took a couple more points to tie the game 14-14.  After another hitting error, we finally took the lead 15-14.  We closed with a great block from our middle player.

This win was awesome.  We needed this just to get the girls to start believing in each other.  Not bad for only practicing 1 day a week so far.  I can just imagine how we will get when we actually start to practice two days a week.  And the cherry on top of this tournament, I found out that Eclipse was playing for 3 or 4 against the other Eclipse team.  They were in a different group than us.  But at least we get the first place points.  I hope we can keep up this momentum going into our next tournaments.

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