Anuhea Jasmyne


We were originally planning on an April wedding for Jackie and Kimo.  Instead, we planned for an April baby.  Anuhea Jasmyne was born on April 15 at 12:33am.  She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and 19″ long. She’s so cute.  I know I’m bias because she’s my niece, but really, she’s so cute.  In just one week, you can already tell she’s getting bigger.

On April 14 at 7am, I received the call from mom that Jackie’s water broke.  Since I was just getting off the freeway, I had to get back on it to head back home to get my things.  After picking up Malina at school, we all headed up to Sutter Memorial in Sacramento to hang out until Anuhea decided to appear.  We first stayed in the room with Jackie since the waiting room was already taken up by another family.  After the first couple of hours, we head out to the waiting room and took over the place.  You can tell that we are in the generation of technology since everyone had their laptops or iPads out doing their own thing. The positive of technology, I did get some work done.  Thank God they had wireless for free.  We continued to wait and wait and than waited some more.  And than finally Anuhea decided it was time.  We got to see her within the first hour before they headed up to the recovery room.  By then, we headed over to Kimo’s place so Malina and Kalae could get some sleep.  It was already after 3am and Malina had a final on Friday morning at 9am.

So, the next day, we woke up at 6:15 to head back to the hospital so the kids could see the baby before they head back home. I got the opportunity to watch Anuhea while Jackie and Kimo got a couple of hours sleep.  She’s such a good baby.  She actually slept along with her parents the entire time.  Yes, I took a ton of pictures of her sleeping.

So, now it’s a week later and she’s still just so cute.  I actually went up on Saturday to visit with her. I’m not sure when the next time I’ll see her since the next month is crazy busy for me. I’m hoping they will come down soon.  Luckily, Jackie has been sending pictures daily, so at least I can still stay on top of Anuhea’s changes over time.

Anuhea 1 week