On July 31, Kalae and I became Anuhea’s Godparents on Kimo’s side. It was a long but happy day. It started out with a girls ride up to Sac in Maureen’s mommy van. We had, myself, Moe, Malina, Cat, and Mackenzie. Ray and Ryan were coming up later in Ray’s car. I’m really glad that Moe’s family could be there to help us celebrate. Plus, thanks to Moe, I have pictures of the baptism with me in them instead of always being behind the camera.

After the ceremony at St. Mary’s, the reception was at Jackie’s aunty’s house. I finally got to meet Jackie’s mom, which was nice. Plus, a lot of her other family members too. In typical Filipino fashion, there’s a lot of them. I guess every family is like that. =) We ended up having a fun time, which was nice.


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