Review of 2010

I can’t believe that 2010 is already over.  A complete decade, gone in a flash. I can remember people saying that the the end of the world was going to happen in 2000.  Eleven years later, we’re still here.  Technology has definitely improved, so maybe that’s what they meant.

Anyways, I wanted to do a good vs bad with 2010.  I’m sure there were a lot of daily good things that happened in 2010, but I wanted to at least write down the highlights that are in my head.


May: I officially finished my 4th year with coaching boy’s volleyball at Wilcox. We had an okay season. I had very high expectations especially with the talent that I had, but trying to keep them focused was a challenge especially when it came to their grades.  On the 18th, Gary and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary at Alcatraz Island. I’ve always wanted to go there, so this was the perfect opportunity.

June: Malina graduated from high school and turned 18. Two major accomplishments. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by with her. I can remember meeting her for the first time. And now, I have a great memory of watching her walk across the stage to graduate. She started St. Mary’s in August. I’m guessing the next major event is watching her graduate from there in 4 years.  Before I know it, that’s going to happen as well. Time has flown by watching her turn into the woman she is now.

July: On the 31st, I celebrated with my friends from high school. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. This was a positive because I reconnected with some friends I never thought I would see again. It’s great to talk and visit with them. I’m just hoping we can stay connected moving forward.

August: Our new baby, Thumbs adopted us. He was one of the eight cats that we were feeding outside.  But for some reason, he decided he never wanted to leave. He eventually moved in with us.  And now, he’s officially ours. For all of the cats we feed, we have nicknames.  Thumbs got his name because he actually has 6 toes on each of his front paws. Its very different to see on a cat.  We’re thinking maybe that’s why his previous owner decided they didn’t want him anymore because he was different.  After a recent visit to the vets to get a check up, we realized that maybe it wasn’t because of his paws, but his teeth.  The cost involved with his bad teeth probably assisted with the decision to get rid of him.  We were wondering why his breath smelled so bad.  His teeth were so bad that we had to have 3 teeth pulled.  Now, he doesn’t smell, which is a good thing considering he sleeps on Gary’s side of the bed.

October: My high school girls team beat our rivals, Santa Clara, both times we saw them this season. This was the first time in years that this has happened. So, was definitely a huge positive.

November: After growing my hair out for 2 years, I finally decided to cut 10″ off and donate it to Locks of Love.  It was an awesome feeling knowing that I hope my efforts will help someone else less fortunate. I’m hoping for my 40th birthday I can do that again.  Along with getting my first tattoo.  I’m still thinking about the tattoo, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m sure there are more positives that happened through out the year, but these are just the highlights.  As for the bad, luckily, there are only a few.  Then again, there could be more, but I’m choosing to not remember them.


February: Mom and Roy end up moving from Stubbins to a smaller house in Santa Clara. This is actually a bad, but good, for me at least. The house is located literally down the street from Wilcox. Another positive that came from this move, we threw out a lot of crap. I can’t even remember how many truck loads to donate plus the pile of stuff we left in the backyard that was to go to the dumps.

April: We lost Missy Girl. I still miss her so much.

December: 3 days before Christmas, Roy got laid off from his job. Merry frickin Christmas, plus Happy Birthday. The timing totally sucks.  On Christmas Eve, Gary ended up getting very sick with the stomach flu.

So, that’s 2010 in a nutshell.  I’m hoping 2011 will bring even more positives than negatives.  Or I at least hope I continue to find positives in negative situations to get myself through it.


The day has finally come…

August 26th was the day that Malina left for college.  St. Mary’s to be exact.  I know it’s only a 45 minute drive, but its the thought of not having her around anymore.  When she moved in with mom, I thought that was great because I would be able to see her more, which I did.  To see her grow into a young woman was truly a blessing.  It’s just hard to believe that the baby we brought home 18 years ago is now on her own at college.  Where in the hell did the last 18 years go?  I only lost it a couple of times, which is pretty good for me since I’m so emotional. =)  After I visited her on Wednesday night, the drive home was a little challenging.  Just knowing that instead of just dropping by and seeing her, I was going to have to make plans now.  Why can’t they be our babies forever.

I do wish her all the best in her new adventure.  I’m sure we’ll be part of it.  But, we’ll be on the sidelines more cheering for her instead of part of her team. 


Good luck Sunshine. I’m so proud of you!! Remember that I’m ALWAYS a phone call away if you need anything. I love you!!

Where has time gone…

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March.  Where has time gone?

I’ve been meaning to keep my blog updated but life tends to get in the way. =)

So, to recap since my last blog posting:


The boys played in their first tournament on March 20 at Willow Glen. The average height was about 6′, where my boys are about 5’9″. So, it was a bit scary at first. But to my surprise, they played very well against the stronger teams. We learned that they do it have it in them to play well, but for whatever reason they aren’t consistent. I need to email some coaches to ask their opinion about how to practice on this. We have played a couple of league matches as well. If we played up to my expectation, they would have won or at least played better.  But of course, they didn’t. So, we’re now 1-2 for league. It appears that winning our league is going to be much tougher than I expected. If only they would believe in themselves more, I think we would be a big surprise to a lot of people.

As for my girls, we had our worse tournament play so far this season. They couldn’t pass or work together as a team if their lives depended on it. But the positive, is they did turn it on in the end to win a couple of matches.

Home Life

We celebrated Gary’s 46th birthday on the 22nd. The previous Sunday, we actually celebrated at his parents house. It was a small celebration, but Gary loved it. It was perfect. I ended practice early on the 22nd so I could surprise him with a cake when I got home. Another small celebration just for him. He’s a good sport about it too. I know he really doesn’t like celebrating birthdays, but he does it to humor me because I love it.

As for me, I’ve been fighting off 3 weeks of bronchitis now. I think today is the first day that I woke up and didn’t have to cough up a lung to clear them out in the morning. So, we’ll see how the day continues to go.


I haven’t scrapbooked at all lately. I still have to finish my Road Trip album so I can officially say that it’s done. I’m very proud of my girlfriend Tina because she’s been on a scrapbook roll. Ever since we attended that workshop, she’s been using that method to complete another album she’s been meaning to put together.  I’m glad that I found another buddy to scrapbook with.  The challenge now is to actually get into the room to scrapbook. I did print out over 1000 pictures to work on for my next album project which is our stayaction 2009. I figured I would treat each day as a separate album and then in the end put them all in one or two albums. With over 1000 pictures, I’m sure there’s going to be some in there that won’t make the cut, but oh well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Well back to the grind. Until next time.

2010 so far…

My mom today reminded me that I’m not meeting my blog goal of writing about the everyday life. Thanks Mom. =)

So, here’s a summary so far of what’s been going on:

My Wilcox boys have officially started as of February 1. We have to share the gym with all 4 basketball teams and badminton.  So, gym time has been a little scares so far.  We had a lot of conditioning for the first couple of weeks.  But now, we’re in there more often which is great. My varsity team had it’s first scrimmage against James Lick last night. They played ok. I’m glad that we had this scrimmage because it really shows the areas that we need to work on the next couple of days before our season really starts on Monday, March 1.

I think this years team is going to do very well. We definitely have a chance of making the top 2 of our league. Our major issue is going to be mental. We’ll see what happens.

As for my club team, Eclipse, we should be called Eclipse Bronze instead of Eclipse Gold. In 2 of our tournaments, we finished 3rd. The girls can play well together, which is a good thing. We just need to continue to work on some fundamental things. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do this season. If we can pull off at least 1 tournament win, I’ll be happy.  But as long as we continue to be in the top 3, that’s good too.

I took a workshop this past Saturday and LOVED it. I finally got to scrapbook our road trip from 2001 to Canada. This was a project that’s been on my mind for awhile.  Maybe because I want to go back again.  The concept of the project is awesome. You basically layout blank pages and put your pictures on them in the order you want them displayed.  There’s actual steps involved.  But, in 4 hours, I had 30 pages layed out.  So, when I finally got home, all I had to do was glue everything down.

I finally finished the adhereing everything last night.  Now, it’s all about the titles and journaling.  I’m so excited to show Gary too.  He’s not allowed to see anything until I’m done.  So, hopefully by Saturday I can show him. =) This will be I believe project number 3 completed towards my 10 for the year. Not bad considering it’s only February.

I’m thinking I’m actually going to use this concept again for the pictures I have from vacations over the years.  It’s very simple.  I figured that I can easily add some additional things during the journaling phase. It’s all about getting it done. =)

I live on this website consistantly. I’m so addicted it’s not even funny.  Maybe it’s because I can easily access it from work and home.  My games are so part of the every day life.  I have no idea what I’m going to do if they decide to start charging.  Gary has already said no he doesn’t want to start paying for it.  So, we’ll have to see what happens.  If it’s not too bad of a cost, I’ll have to do some negotations. =)

My family recently moved to a new house in February. The house is smaller than their other one, but the great part is the location. It’s literally a minute from Wilcox.  I’m glad that they found something so quickly.

The one thing I realized during this event is that people that really do love you comes out of the woodwork to help. They had to get out of the house within about 3 weeks.  So, there was a lot of purging involved.  I believe Roy ended up going to Salvation Army 3 if not 4 times in one day.  We got rid of a lot of crap.  The great part is that we left all of the garbage either in the house or in the backyard in a pile. When I cleaned out the shed, majority of the stuff could not be saved.  So, it went into the pile.  It was awesome. I’ll try to post a picture if I can find one. I heard that it took the new owners at least 2 large dumpsters to clean out everything that we left.  I guess when you’re downsizing that’s what happens.  Things get donated or thrown out.  I’m sure this new house will accumulate great memories like the previous homes they’ve lived in. (Donohue, Stubbins, Corlista, Glade).

I’m still hanging in there. I’ve learned to except the early hours. Which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I don’t have an issue with parking. And I can actually get a lot of work done before people show up. Plus, I can still get out of here after my 8 hours are up. So, the traffic either going home or to Wilcox is much less.

So, I think that’s about it for now. My life in a nutshell.


A New Family Member

Kimo proposed to his girlfriend Jackie on Christmas. We spent Christmas day talking about different ideas of how he should do it. I continued to tell him the main thing is he needed to get down on one knee. I think that’s so important.

He finally left Mom’s house around 7:30pm. He came up with the idea of calling Jackie when he got near Elk Grove to have her come get him because his truck broke down. He did this near a park that had Christmas lights, which is a perfect location. He then had to come up with a story to get her over to the bridge. So, he used the fish to distract her. It worked because she turned around to find Kimo down on one knee. =) She said yes, so now we’re going to have a new family member some time in the future.

This is their first engagement photo.
Kimo & Jackie Engagement

10 for 2010

I came up with an idea of setting goals for 2010. My slogan is going to be “10 for 10”. Basically, I want to come up with 10 goals/projects to achieve in 2010. There are no real rules to this. Just I want to be able to hold myself accountable. Basically, make myself think before I do something. For example, 1 major goal is saving money. We have a huge vacation planned for our wedding anniversary next year. So, I need to start thinking twice before I actually spend money on something that we really don’t need.

So, I’ll get started on my top ten goals for 2010. We’ll see if I can get my butt in gear.