Where has time gone…

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March.  Where has time gone?

I’ve been meaning to keep my blog updated but life tends to get in the way. =)

So, to recap since my last blog posting:


The boys played in their first tournament on March 20 at Willow Glen. The average height was about 6′, where my boys are about 5’9″. So, it was a bit scary at first. But to my surprise, they played very well against the stronger teams. We learned that they do it have it in them to play well, but for whatever reason they aren’t consistent. I need to email some coaches to ask their opinion about how to practice on this. We have played a couple of league matches as well. If we played up to my expectation, they would have won or at least played better.  But of course, they didn’t. So, we’re now 1-2 for league. It appears that winning our league is going to be much tougher than I expected. If only they would believe in themselves more, I think we would be a big surprise to a lot of people.

As for my girls, we had our worse tournament play so far this season. They couldn’t pass or work together as a team if their lives depended on it. But the positive, is they did turn it on in the end to win a couple of matches.

Home Life

We celebrated Gary’s 46th birthday on the 22nd. The previous Sunday, we actually celebrated at his parents house. It was a small celebration, but Gary loved it. It was perfect. I ended practice early on the 22nd so I could surprise him with a cake when I got home. Another small celebration just for him. He’s a good sport about it too. I know he really doesn’t like celebrating birthdays, but he does it to humor me because I love it.

As for me, I’ve been fighting off 3 weeks of bronchitis now. I think today is the first day that I woke up and didn’t have to cough up a lung to clear them out in the morning. So, we’ll see how the day continues to go.


I haven’t scrapbooked at all lately. I still have to finish my Road Trip album so I can officially say that it’s done. I’m very proud of my girlfriend Tina because she’s been on a scrapbook roll. Ever since we attended that workshop, she’s been using that method to complete another album she’s been meaning to put together.  I’m glad that I found another buddy to scrapbook with.  The challenge now is to actually get into the room to scrapbook. I did print out over 1000 pictures to work on for my next album project which is our stayaction 2009. I figured I would treat each day as a separate album and then in the end put them all in one or two albums. With over 1000 pictures, I’m sure there’s going to be some in there that won’t make the cut, but oh well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Well back to the grind. Until next time.

2010 so far…

My mom today reminded me that I’m not meeting my blog goal of writing about the everyday life. Thanks Mom. =)

So, here’s a summary so far of what’s been going on:

My Wilcox boys have officially started as of February 1. We have to share the gym with all 4 basketball teams and badminton.  So, gym time has been a little scares so far.  We had a lot of conditioning for the first couple of weeks.  But now, we’re in there more often which is great. My varsity team had it’s first scrimmage against James Lick last night. They played ok. I’m glad that we had this scrimmage because it really shows the areas that we need to work on the next couple of days before our season really starts on Monday, March 1.

I think this years team is going to do very well. We definitely have a chance of making the top 2 of our league. Our major issue is going to be mental. We’ll see what happens.

As for my club team, Eclipse, we should be called Eclipse Bronze instead of Eclipse Gold. In 2 of our tournaments, we finished 3rd. The girls can play well together, which is a good thing. We just need to continue to work on some fundamental things. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do this season. If we can pull off at least 1 tournament win, I’ll be happy.  But as long as we continue to be in the top 3, that’s good too.

I took a workshop this past Saturday and LOVED it. I finally got to scrapbook our road trip from 2001 to Canada. This was a project that’s been on my mind for awhile.  Maybe because I want to go back again.  The concept of the project is awesome. You basically layout blank pages and put your pictures on them in the order you want them displayed.  There’s actual steps involved.  But, in 4 hours, I had 30 pages layed out.  So, when I finally got home, all I had to do was glue everything down.

I finally finished the adhereing everything last night.  Now, it’s all about the titles and journaling.  I’m so excited to show Gary too.  He’s not allowed to see anything until I’m done.  So, hopefully by Saturday I can show him. =) This will be I believe project number 3 completed towards my 10 for the year. Not bad considering it’s only February.

I’m thinking I’m actually going to use this concept again for the pictures I have from vacations over the years.  It’s very simple.  I figured that I can easily add some additional things during the journaling phase. It’s all about getting it done. =)

I live on this website consistantly. I’m so addicted it’s not even funny.  Maybe it’s because I can easily access it from work and home.  My games are so part of the every day life.  I have no idea what I’m going to do if they decide to start charging.  Gary has already said no he doesn’t want to start paying for it.  So, we’ll have to see what happens.  If it’s not too bad of a cost, I’ll have to do some negotations. =)

My family recently moved to a new house in February. The house is smaller than their other one, but the great part is the location. It’s literally a minute from Wilcox.  I’m glad that they found something so quickly.

The one thing I realized during this event is that people that really do love you comes out of the woodwork to help. They had to get out of the house within about 3 weeks.  So, there was a lot of purging involved.  I believe Roy ended up going to Salvation Army 3 if not 4 times in one day.  We got rid of a lot of crap.  The great part is that we left all of the garbage either in the house or in the backyard in a pile. When I cleaned out the shed, majority of the stuff could not be saved.  So, it went into the pile.  It was awesome. I’ll try to post a picture if I can find one. I heard that it took the new owners at least 2 large dumpsters to clean out everything that we left.  I guess when you’re downsizing that’s what happens.  Things get donated or thrown out.  I’m sure this new house will accumulate great memories like the previous homes they’ve lived in. (Donohue, Stubbins, Corlista, Glade).

I’m still hanging in there. I’ve learned to except the early hours. Which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I don’t have an issue with parking. And I can actually get a lot of work done before people show up. Plus, I can still get out of here after my 8 hours are up. So, the traffic either going home or to Wilcox is much less.

So, I think that’s about it for now. My life in a nutshell.


Before & After

I decided it was time to organize the craftroom. It got to the point of no return. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do my annual purging of supplies to donate to Ronald McDonald’s House. So after a day of going through everything including my rubber stamp collection, it’s finally clean. =) I’m planning on donating 2 large boxes full of supplies. Hopefully the kids will enjoy the stuff.

I thought I would include a picture of before and after to show the craziness of just my craft table. Keep in mind, this is where I’m supposed to sit to do my scrapbooking.



Project 365…

So, I decided that I was going to do my Project 365: A Picture a Day project from March 22, 2009 – March 21, 2010. Since the week normally starts on a Sunday, I decided why not just document Gary’s 45th year. So, my first picture of the year is of my birthday boy. You can read all of the details regarding this birthday on my previous post.

Since the project also makes sure that I document what happened on the day, I thought I would also bulletized things:

  • Gary’s 45th birthday
  • Sang to him in bed
  • Eclipse practice 10-12 Sunnyvale Community Center
  • Picked up Panda Express for lunch
  • Opened presents when I got home
  • Watched Twilight (again.)
  • Organized scrapbook desk
  • Started to work on Jasmine’s Cat Album
  • Went with Gary to do his call
  • Watched Twilight (again.)
  • Finished Laundry (I actually put everything away as well.)
  • Read New Moon (again.)
  • Got ready for practice

Here is my picture of the day. Gary with Neo in the backyard. You can totally see the love or enjoyment they have for each other.

Gary & Neo

Picture a day for 365 days…

I signed up to get a Kit of the Month from Creating Keepsakes on January 1. But, they were not expecting such a HUGE demand that their ordering system kept crashing. Since I wasn’t sure if I actually got one or not, I decided that I would just start taking a picture a day and record about my day in a journal.

Well, it turns out, that my order was backordered and they weren’t sure if I would be receiving a kit or not. So, in February, I stopped recording about my day and taking pictures.  Wouldn’t you know it, the kit arrived yesterday!! 2 months after the fact. So, now I’m going to have to try to figure out how I go about approaching my picture a day project. Do I continue working off of January 1.  And for the items that I’m missing, try to remember the big things that happened during that week? Or do I just start from say April 1 forward? I’m thinking I should just use what I have, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m going to Karen’s house on Friday for a crop. I was originally going to the crop with Maureen, but she can’t make it now, so I’m going alone. I’m going to be working on a project for Maureen’s preschool class. It’s going to be hard to remember that these are 4 year olds, so the project has to be very simple. If I get done with that project, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start putting together the KOTM. Maybe that will motivate me to get started on it.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


When I returned from our vacation in Vegas, I had to get ready for my visit to Utah for CKU-Provo. This was my scrapbooking get away I’ve been wanting to go to for years. I ended up joining a dorm so I would have people to interact with during my stay. I never thought that my dormmates would be so much fun. My first dormmate, Melannie, I meant for the first time at the airport. It turns out that she leaves in Morgan Hill which is about 30 minutes from my house. She was on the same flight as me. The funny part is that I was in row 2C and she was 3B. So we just asked the person that was supposed to be sitting by me to switch seats so we could just sit together. It worked out great.

This is a picture of me and Melannie on the airplane.

 When we got to Utah, I actually had to wait to get my rental car, which worked out since I had to pick up 2 of my dormmates that were arriving about an hour later. I originally signed up for a compact car, but ended up getting a mini-SUV at the same cost as the compact car. This car was perfect size for our luggage and all the bags we ended up getting from the different scrapbook stores we visited.

When I picked up my dormmates, Ellen and Tracy, we started down the road to our numerous stops. Now, you have to realize that Utah is the scrapbook captiol of the world. They have so many stores, that it’s nearly impossible to visit all of them in the time allowed. You really do need to get there at least 2 days earlier just to visit everything. But anyways, we stopped at 4 stores before we got to our hotel. I was so happy that I actually got a room at the host hotel instead of down the road. It made life so much easier. The three of us got to the hotel in time to check in with CKU and get our hotel room. It turns out that Melannie also arrived at the same time so I got to get a room on the same floor as her. We ended up going out to dinner that first night together at the Spagetti Factory which was located at a mall where one of the scrapbook stores we were going to visit was located.

There was just one store I had to go to when I was in Utah and that was Archiever’s. This store is one large store just for scrapbooking.  I was so excited when we finally got to go in there.  I think that first night we spent about 3 hours there. It was crazy. The crazy part is that I think I went back to this store about 3 times. I just love it. I so wish that Gary and I could go back to Utah just so I could go back in there.  That store is just awesome. It truly is my favorite.

Once we finally got back to the hotel, we had to meet up with our other dormmates. We distributed all of the different items so that everyone would have their things.

On Thursday, everyone stayed in one room and all of the teachers moved around us. It was a great because you didn’t feel rushed to have to go stand in line for the next class. During this time, I found out that my secret sister that I was exchanging little gifts with was also in my homeroom. Her name is Denise Thomas.

It was great to meet her early on so that I could say hello to her whenever we ran into each other.

During that same time, I found out that my secret sister that was spoiling me was also in my homeroom. Her name is Emily Irwin. We plan to have lunch together that day as well, which was great especially since I didn’t know anyone else in the room.

After the homeroom, we had to go back to our rooms to get ready for the dorm performances. Our dorm was one of three that was picked to do a song. Our dorm name was the Scrapin’ Bees, so our theme was bees. Our song was Bees just wanna have fun to the song of Cyndi Lapers Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Since we had to perform on stage we need to have costumes made. This is what our costume was:

It came out great. Everyone had to do something for the costume. I signed up to do the name tags, which I thought came out great. It turns out that we came in third. But oh well, I had a blast.

After we performed, we then had additional classes during the crop that night. It was so overwhelming, but awesome.

On Friday, I had my album track which was called Story of Us. This is basically an album about Gary and I. I was so determined to get this album completed. I just never realized how much work was invovled with it. There was so much painting involved, that no one could take their lunch break because there just wasn’t enough time. Would I take another class from Rusty Pickle again, in a heartbeat. It was a blast and I actually learned a lot. That night, was yet again, more classes during the crop. I believe this was the same night that I went back to Archiever’s. I totally love that store.

On Saturday, we had mini classes. I could totally pass up on some of them because I felt like it was more of an opportunity for them to sell their products instead of really teaching us things.  On Saturday night, CKU annouced the winners of all the contests. My nametag that I put together actually won. I was so excited. Melannie’s card she submitted also won, so I was so excited for her.  After they did all the annoucments, we wanted to go visit some other stores that we knew were staying open late. I thought Archiever’s was awesome, we went into Heartfelt Memories, and this place was unspeakable. It kept going and going. So, now if I ever go back to Utah, these are the two mandatory stores I need to stop at. 

On Sunday, we said our good byes and headed home. I took Tracy and Ellen to their other hotel since they were staying an additional day but closer to the airport. Melannie and I were on the same trip home, so we just met up at the airport. However, this time, the flight was packed so we couldn’t exchange seats. Overall, it was an amazing experience that I’m glad I did.

Updates with me…

I know it’s been awhile since I actually posted an update on what’s been going on with me and my crazy life.  So, I’m going to try to get everyone caught up on what’s been going on:


Yesterday, Saturday, April 19, we played a make up tournament for my club team.  The original tournament scheduled for March 30 was cancel due to the school gym being broken into and distroyed.  We got that call around 11:45pm.  So, only half the teams scheduled ended up going to the new location yesterday.  When we first got there, we thought we were going to see 6 teams, but only 5 showed up.
As for my team, I only had 8 girls available to play.  All of my regular outside players were gone on vacation, grounded and sick. My libero had a softball tournament so she had to be in Salinas with her high school team.  So, it was going to be a challenging day.  We ended up having a challenging mental morning for the girls. I think because I had players in positions they weren’t used too, their convidence wasn’t there.  After we played the first half of our pool play, the girls finally found what was missing and turned into a team that was fun to watch.
We ended up playing the first seed team, Valley Christian, as the last team in our pool play. We ended up winning the first game 25-20; lost the second 23-25; and the third 13-15. Even though we lost, it was a great game to watch.  My girls played awesome.
Going into bracket play, we ended up losing one team due to an injury and not having enough players.  So, we started pool play with 5 teams, and bracket with 4. This turned out to be in our favor because we moved up to 2nd for bracket placement.  Since there was only 4 teams now, we did the brackets so 1 played 4 and 2 played 3. This was our opportunity to get revenge on Valley Christian as long as we won our first match against Monsoon. With this determination, the girls beat Monsoon 25-11.  The girls were determine to beat Valley Christian.  They started strong and just got stronger.  Valley Christian came into the game with the attitude that they already beat us.  However, we came into the game wanted to show them that they were lucky. It was a slow start, but then the girls just turned it on and took a very large lead.  The next thing I knew we were ahead 23-13.  When we got to 24, I was getting nervous, but then realized that Valley Christian would have to be perfect for 11 straight points in order to catch up to us. Then the next thing I new, they made the mistake and we were in first place.  Our morning started out a little challenging, but the day ended great.
I was so happy for the girls. They all picked up their game and pulled it together to win. It was awesome.

Wilcox Boys
My varisty team is still looking good. I believe we’re 10-6 now or something like that. I’m hoping that we can pull off wins for our remaining season, just to make sure we stay with .500.  My JV team is actually playing great. They ended up beating Saratoga in 3 games.  It was an amazing game to watch. We had this last week off due to Spring Break.  We’ve had practices though, so hopefully, this will help us for our game against Monta Vista on Tuesday.  This is one game that I want win.
My season is almost over. We have two more weeks. So, hopefully the next two weeks will be just as strong as the first couple of months.

Home Life

Home life has been mostly the same. Since I’ve been busy with volleyball, I just do the basic stuff to survive with the help of Gary of course. I appreciate that he can clean the house and take up my slack when I’m not at home. He’s been especially helpful lately since I had a procedure done on Monday, April 14 to remove a cyst that was very infected. It originally was the size of a quarter on my chest between my breast.  When the doctor saw it, he knew that it was infected so instead of just using a needle to drain it, he had to cut it open to drain everything out. So, now I have a hole in my chest with guaze in it because they need the hole to be open and for it to heal inside out. The bad part is I can’t do much with coaching or lifting heavy things because I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. The doctor said it should be healed within a week or so.  I go back on Wednesday to remove the gauze, so hopefully they will see improvement.


I actually ended up doing about 8 pages during the last month. I’m getting more excited about CKU because the registration is April 30. I do have my game still on that day against Lynbrook, but I’m planning on using my AD’s computer so I can make sure I get in. Once I do get in, then I’m planning on signing up for the different swaps. I’m getting nervous about the luggage issue though on Delta. Apparently, you are only allowed one bag, but if I ended up shopping and winning anything I might go over the limit. The message boards are giving different ideas like putting a small suitcase within the large one and just paying the difference for the additional luggage.  Or maybe just box everything up and just ship it home. I still haven’t decided yet what I should do. I guess I’ll have to take things one step at a time.

I think that’s everything for me so far. If I can think of anything else, I’ll log in and update my blog. I am hoping that I can start including my scrapbook pages so I have another area to document everything. We’ll take everything oen step at a time.

Recap of 2008 so far…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since January 1. I really thought I would get back into writing down my thoughts. I guess every day life gets in the way of things.

So, what have I been up to so far this year:

I’ve officially started coaching both boy’s high school team and girl’s club team. We’ve already had a couple of tournaments for the girls this year. My official comment about the girls is that if we could just keep the mental mistakes to a minimum, we’re going to be awesome. For what ever reason, they look like deers in headlights when we play our first match at each tournament. And than towards the end of the day when you would expect them to play terrible because they are too tired, they play awesome.

As for the boys, they are a totally differnt type of breed. We haven’t had a game yet. Our first game is on the 26th of February which is next week. I don’t have cuts because we don’t have that much interest in the sport, so we need to try to get more guys to start coming out. The bad part is some of the guys are still in other sports, so we haven’t had any time to work with them to see how good or bad they are. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of these newbies sooner than later. On the positive side, I did find a part time JV coach. His name is Jason. He just moved to Mt View with his wife and was looking to get back into coaching again. So, this was a perfect opportunity for him and me. Now, hopefully, I can just worry about the varsity team instead of both during practices.

On the negative side, I’ve had to deal with my first sexual harrassment issue. Apparently, one of the players got his shorts pulled down during one of my practices. The bad part about it was no one saw it happen including all of the boys. So, I had to lay down the law that if it happens again, I’ll close down the program. So, as luck would have it, apparently, that same kid got his butt touched during one of the games and didn’t like it. It’s not what it seems. If you know or watch guys playing sports, they get their butts slapped all the time. Apparently, this was one of those times. Now I have to pull this player aside and tell him that it’s just part of the game. There really wasn’t any sexual harrassment involved. And he should just tell the guys himself not to touch him there. I have a feeling if I say anything, it’s only going to cause more issues with this kid. This time around, I’m going to have my AD deal with the psyho mom and her son. They both scary me to the point that I don’t like to be alone with either one of them because I’m not sure what could or would happen.

Work hasn’t changed much except I don’t have a direct supervisor anymore. My original supervisor changed Universities, so now I’m working for a faculty member. I’m still trying to figure out how to make things work. So, hopefully, I will eventually get the hang of everything.

Home Life
Gary and I celebrated Valentine’s Day last week at home watching a movie from On Demand and eating Chili’s. I had to coach, so going out when everyone else was out, was not an option. We actually did this last year and it worked out great. Just being at home makes all of the issues of the world go away. For Valentine’s Day, he did give me a dozen roses again. I’ll post a picture later when I finally get a chance to download them to Flikr.

Since January, I’ve scrapbooked about 15 pages. Now, this is a miracle for me especially since those 15 pages were done in January only and now we’re in February and my desk has the same project on it from the middle of January. I’m starting to go through my magazines again to get inspired. Scrapbooking is such a relaxing craft for me, that I need to start doing it more especially during this crazy time of year for me.

Weight Watchers
So, I joined up for another 17 weeks. The sad part is I’m only 5 pounds lighter than I was from this time last year. I really do need to get myself back in the positive mind set that I can do this giant task of losing weight. I saw a recent volleyball picture of myself and I can’t believe how big I looked. Then again, I was wearing layers of clothes because it was so cold at the tournament. I would love to get to my 10% by July. This way, if Gary and I go on vacation some where, hopefully, I can see the difference.

Gary is still maintaining his 144.4 weight. I’m so jealous. I wish I could have his head strong attitude.

Well, that’s it in a nut shell. I’m hoping I can keep up with this blog so I can have something to look back on to see how I’ve changed or not.

So, here’s to the everyday thing called life.

Scrapbook Kit Clubs

Here is a list of scrapbooking kit clubs that I might consider trying out. By doing a kit club, might assist me with not having the urge to go to the lss to spend more money for stuff that I don’t need. I really do like the clubs that you just purchase the kit that you want instead of it automatically being charged to your credit card. I did that before, but ended up not liking it.

Heidi Swap Kit Club
Lisa Bearnson’s Kit of the Month Club
Coco Daisy
Coordinates Collection
It Kit Studio
My Scrapbook Nook
Studio Calico
A Million Memories
My Kits and Pieces

Another Scrapbook Challenge Idea

I found this challenge off of Ali Edwards’s website. The original idea was found at Photojojo and it’s called 365 project. Basically, you take a photo every day for the entire year.

This challenge might be too overwhelming for me especially with coaching taking up majority of my life these days. But, I was thinking of doing something similar. Instead of doing a picture every day for the entire year, do a picture a day for just one month or just take one picture for the entire month. For now, I’ll just add this to my list of projects.

While I have this project in mind, here’s a scrapbook idea to use. Use Photoshop or something else to gather all the pictures into one area in a square format. Make it into 2 8×10 size prints. If it’s horizontal, then put print on the bottom of the pages and have the top be the title: My life in whatever month it is. I should also try to make the squares small enough to print onto just one page with the same title.

To help make sure I remember journaling for each picture, I should download it into my blog. Then I can also put together a mini album with each picture.