7th to 1st in one week…

This past weekend, my club team took first place in our first Area League tournament.  After a 7th finish in qualifiers, I was disappointed because I knew they could play so much better.  I believe we have a lot of talent on our team, we just need to play smarter especially when it’s a close game.

This was a very long tournament for me. Because I don’t believe in up officials to be players especially since I’m guilty of yelling at them too, I up ref.  Because we took first in our pool, we had to ref the first match of bracket play.  Since there was 9 teams in our group, they had a semi-final round.  We had a bye, but we had to still ref that match. So I never left the court from 7:45 until we finished.  Luckily, one of my mom’s brought me some snacks to munch on.  I need to start to learn to just bring my own food especially on days like these.  Let’s just say, my calves where hurting once I finally got home from all the standing and walking around I did that day.

Our other club team, Point Break Matt had to play Team Titan in the semi-round, which we had to officiate.  They ended up losing and took home 3rd.  We played Team Titan in the final round. We won the first set 25-23. They took the second set 22-25. In the third and final set, they had the momentum on their side and took a sight lead.  I could totally tell the girls were very tired.  When we had to switch sides at 8, I called my first time out.  I had to tell them to basically reach within to pull out any energy they had left to finish this match.  We slowly turned it on.  We took a couple of points and then they took a couple of points.  With us at 9 and them at 13, we stayed focused and allowed them to make the mistakes.  After 3 hitting errors on their part, we caught up 12-13.  At this point in the match, I’m just happy that we were playing as well as we were.  They did score another point so it’s now 12-14.  We stayed focused again and played very good defense.  Everyone played as a team.  We took a couple more points to tie the game 14-14.  After another hitting error, we finally took the lead 15-14.  We closed with a great block from our middle player.

This win was awesome.  We needed this just to get the girls to start believing in each other.  Not bad for only practicing 1 day a week so far.  I can just imagine how we will get when we actually start to practice two days a week.  And the cherry on top of this tournament, I found out that Eclipse was playing for 3 or 4 against the other Eclipse team.  They were in a different group than us.  But at least we get the first place points.  I hope we can keep up this momentum going into our next tournaments.

My team…

This has been a very interesting season for me. We started off with 12 players and by the first week, we were down to 10. It’s been a challenge especially when it comes to injuries and/or sickness. I’m just hoping by keeping the team as small as it is has brought them closer together. I want them to remember that its more than just about wins and loses. Its about the relationships that you build. I actually have a great bunch of girls this season. I just hope they all decide to come back again next year.


Where has time gone…

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March.  Where has time gone?

I’ve been meaning to keep my blog updated but life tends to get in the way. =)

So, to recap since my last blog posting:


The boys played in their first tournament on March 20 at Willow Glen. The average height was about 6′, where my boys are about 5’9″. So, it was a bit scary at first. But to my surprise, they played very well against the stronger teams. We learned that they do it have it in them to play well, but for whatever reason they aren’t consistent. I need to email some coaches to ask their opinion about how to practice on this. We have played a couple of league matches as well. If we played up to my expectation, they would have won or at least played better.  But of course, they didn’t. So, we’re now 1-2 for league. It appears that winning our league is going to be much tougher than I expected. If only they would believe in themselves more, I think we would be a big surprise to a lot of people.

As for my girls, we had our worse tournament play so far this season. They couldn’t pass or work together as a team if their lives depended on it. But the positive, is they did turn it on in the end to win a couple of matches.

Home Life

We celebrated Gary’s 46th birthday on the 22nd. The previous Sunday, we actually celebrated at his parents house. It was a small celebration, but Gary loved it. It was perfect. I ended practice early on the 22nd so I could surprise him with a cake when I got home. Another small celebration just for him. He’s a good sport about it too. I know he really doesn’t like celebrating birthdays, but he does it to humor me because I love it.

As for me, I’ve been fighting off 3 weeks of bronchitis now. I think today is the first day that I woke up and didn’t have to cough up a lung to clear them out in the morning. So, we’ll see how the day continues to go.


I haven’t scrapbooked at all lately. I still have to finish my Road Trip album so I can officially say that it’s done. I’m very proud of my girlfriend Tina because she’s been on a scrapbook roll. Ever since we attended that workshop, she’s been using that method to complete another album she’s been meaning to put together.  I’m glad that I found another buddy to scrapbook with.  The challenge now is to actually get into the room to scrapbook. I did print out over 1000 pictures to work on for my next album project which is our stayaction 2009. I figured I would treat each day as a separate album and then in the end put them all in one or two albums. With over 1000 pictures, I’m sure there’s going to be some in there that won’t make the cut, but oh well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Well back to the grind. Until next time.

2010 so far…

My mom today reminded me that I’m not meeting my blog goal of writing about the everyday life. Thanks Mom. =)

So, here’s a summary so far of what’s been going on:

My Wilcox boys have officially started as of February 1. We have to share the gym with all 4 basketball teams and badminton.  So, gym time has been a little scares so far.  We had a lot of conditioning for the first couple of weeks.  But now, we’re in there more often which is great. My varsity team had it’s first scrimmage against James Lick last night. They played ok. I’m glad that we had this scrimmage because it really shows the areas that we need to work on the next couple of days before our season really starts on Monday, March 1.

I think this years team is going to do very well. We definitely have a chance of making the top 2 of our league. Our major issue is going to be mental. We’ll see what happens.

As for my club team, Eclipse, we should be called Eclipse Bronze instead of Eclipse Gold. In 2 of our tournaments, we finished 3rd. The girls can play well together, which is a good thing. We just need to continue to work on some fundamental things. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do this season. If we can pull off at least 1 tournament win, I’ll be happy.  But as long as we continue to be in the top 3, that’s good too.

I took a workshop this past Saturday and LOVED it. I finally got to scrapbook our road trip from 2001 to Canada. This was a project that’s been on my mind for awhile.  Maybe because I want to go back again.  The concept of the project is awesome. You basically layout blank pages and put your pictures on them in the order you want them displayed.  There’s actual steps involved.  But, in 4 hours, I had 30 pages layed out.  So, when I finally got home, all I had to do was glue everything down.

I finally finished the adhereing everything last night.  Now, it’s all about the titles and journaling.  I’m so excited to show Gary too.  He’s not allowed to see anything until I’m done.  So, hopefully by Saturday I can show him. =) This will be I believe project number 3 completed towards my 10 for the year. Not bad considering it’s only February.

I’m thinking I’m actually going to use this concept again for the pictures I have from vacations over the years.  It’s very simple.  I figured that I can easily add some additional things during the journaling phase. It’s all about getting it done. =)

I live on this website consistantly. I’m so addicted it’s not even funny.  Maybe it’s because I can easily access it from work and home.  My games are so part of the every day life.  I have no idea what I’m going to do if they decide to start charging.  Gary has already said no he doesn’t want to start paying for it.  So, we’ll have to see what happens.  If it’s not too bad of a cost, I’ll have to do some negotations. =)

My family recently moved to a new house in February. The house is smaller than their other one, but the great part is the location. It’s literally a minute from Wilcox.  I’m glad that they found something so quickly.

The one thing I realized during this event is that people that really do love you comes out of the woodwork to help. They had to get out of the house within about 3 weeks.  So, there was a lot of purging involved.  I believe Roy ended up going to Salvation Army 3 if not 4 times in one day.  We got rid of a lot of crap.  The great part is that we left all of the garbage either in the house or in the backyard in a pile. When I cleaned out the shed, majority of the stuff could not be saved.  So, it went into the pile.  It was awesome. I’ll try to post a picture if I can find one. I heard that it took the new owners at least 2 large dumpsters to clean out everything that we left.  I guess when you’re downsizing that’s what happens.  Things get donated or thrown out.  I’m sure this new house will accumulate great memories like the previous homes they’ve lived in. (Donohue, Stubbins, Corlista, Glade).

I’m still hanging in there. I’ve learned to except the early hours. Which has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I don’t have an issue with parking. And I can actually get a lot of work done before people show up. Plus, I can still get out of here after my 8 hours are up. So, the traffic either going home or to Wilcox is much less.

So, I think that’s about it for now. My life in a nutshell.


Coach of the Year 2008

I was voted Coach of the Year from my coaching peers during our end of the season meeting which was held May 5.  I was totally surprised.  Our league rep, Matt, nomiated me.  His response actually surprised me.  I wasn’t ready for the nomiation.  He said that I turned the program from having 0-12 seasons to being one win away from making the playoffs.  And that had to do with the coaching along with the players.  This made me feel really great especially since I never think that I would be recognized by my peers.

I’m not sure what happens now though. Wilcox has their end of the year awards banquet on May 29th, so I’m not sure if something will be presented then or if it’s going to just pass by.  I actually sent an email to Wilcox informing them of my win just in case someone calls.

The funny thing about everything is that once my boy’s season ended, I started up planning for my girl’s.  It’s like a never ending battle to keep up with it all.  I have my first preseason meeting for the girls on May 15th. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot of interested players attending.

I’m still finishing up my club season. We had our worse finish so far this year (7th place). The girls played like they never played before.  It was just that bad.  I believe a lot of it was mental for them as well.  I hope our next 2 tournaments the girls will step up and play to their full potential.  I’m really curious how this season will end.

One Game…

My varsity boys did not make playoffs by one game.  One game.  It totally sucks.  Our overall percentage points was higher than the two teams ahead of us in our league standings.  However, because we lost to Monta Vista the second time we saw them, they got into playoffs.  The positive is we ended our season 14-10 which is a lot better than 3-16 we were last year.  During our last match, which is Senior night, the guys ended up giving me a great homemade card which everyone signed and a leather volleyball which everyone also signed.  The surprise of the night was their thank you to my mom. They gave her a build a bear with a balloon.  It was great. 

I did learn a lot this year as a coach too. I know that I can push them to get better even when they don’t think they have nothing left. I also know that I need to be a lot more organized as a coach to make sure nothing administrative is necessary during my season. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to have a JV team or not, but I want to do a lot of advertising now instead of later. In fact, I probably should ask Susan for help on this one. (Susan, I need your help. LOL)

So, now that I don’t have volleyball everyday, I’m hoping to turn my attention back to Gary and scrapbooking. These next couple of months should be less stressful for me so I can enjoy life again.  That is until August rolls around.

We do have vacations every month so far this summer. June (Reno); July (Laughlin & Vegas) (I wish I could go to Hawaii too, but Gary shot down that idea due to finances.) August (Utah). This summer is going to be fun. I’m so excited.


Updates with me…

I know it’s been awhile since I actually posted an update on what’s been going on with me and my crazy life.  So, I’m going to try to get everyone caught up on what’s been going on:


Yesterday, Saturday, April 19, we played a make up tournament for my club team.  The original tournament scheduled for March 30 was cancel due to the school gym being broken into and distroyed.  We got that call around 11:45pm.  So, only half the teams scheduled ended up going to the new location yesterday.  When we first got there, we thought we were going to see 6 teams, but only 5 showed up.
As for my team, I only had 8 girls available to play.  All of my regular outside players were gone on vacation, grounded and sick. My libero had a softball tournament so she had to be in Salinas with her high school team.  So, it was going to be a challenging day.  We ended up having a challenging mental morning for the girls. I think because I had players in positions they weren’t used too, their convidence wasn’t there.  After we played the first half of our pool play, the girls finally found what was missing and turned into a team that was fun to watch.
We ended up playing the first seed team, Valley Christian, as the last team in our pool play. We ended up winning the first game 25-20; lost the second 23-25; and the third 13-15. Even though we lost, it was a great game to watch.  My girls played awesome.
Going into bracket play, we ended up losing one team due to an injury and not having enough players.  So, we started pool play with 5 teams, and bracket with 4. This turned out to be in our favor because we moved up to 2nd for bracket placement.  Since there was only 4 teams now, we did the brackets so 1 played 4 and 2 played 3. This was our opportunity to get revenge on Valley Christian as long as we won our first match against Monsoon. With this determination, the girls beat Monsoon 25-11.  The girls were determine to beat Valley Christian.  They started strong and just got stronger.  Valley Christian came into the game with the attitude that they already beat us.  However, we came into the game wanted to show them that they were lucky. It was a slow start, but then the girls just turned it on and took a very large lead.  The next thing I knew we were ahead 23-13.  When we got to 24, I was getting nervous, but then realized that Valley Christian would have to be perfect for 11 straight points in order to catch up to us. Then the next thing I new, they made the mistake and we were in first place.  Our morning started out a little challenging, but the day ended great.
I was so happy for the girls. They all picked up their game and pulled it together to win. It was awesome.

Wilcox Boys
My varisty team is still looking good. I believe we’re 10-6 now or something like that. I’m hoping that we can pull off wins for our remaining season, just to make sure we stay with .500.  My JV team is actually playing great. They ended up beating Saratoga in 3 games.  It was an amazing game to watch. We had this last week off due to Spring Break.  We’ve had practices though, so hopefully, this will help us for our game against Monta Vista on Tuesday.  This is one game that I want win.
My season is almost over. We have two more weeks. So, hopefully the next two weeks will be just as strong as the first couple of months.

Home Life

Home life has been mostly the same. Since I’ve been busy with volleyball, I just do the basic stuff to survive with the help of Gary of course. I appreciate that he can clean the house and take up my slack when I’m not at home. He’s been especially helpful lately since I had a procedure done on Monday, April 14 to remove a cyst that was very infected. It originally was the size of a quarter on my chest between my breast.  When the doctor saw it, he knew that it was infected so instead of just using a needle to drain it, he had to cut it open to drain everything out. So, now I have a hole in my chest with guaze in it because they need the hole to be open and for it to heal inside out. The bad part is I can’t do much with coaching or lifting heavy things because I don’t want to hurt myself anymore. The doctor said it should be healed within a week or so.  I go back on Wednesday to remove the gauze, so hopefully they will see improvement.


I actually ended up doing about 8 pages during the last month. I’m getting more excited about CKU because the registration is April 30. I do have my game still on that day against Lynbrook, but I’m planning on using my AD’s computer so I can make sure I get in. Once I do get in, then I’m planning on signing up for the different swaps. I’m getting nervous about the luggage issue though on Delta. Apparently, you are only allowed one bag, but if I ended up shopping and winning anything I might go over the limit. The message boards are giving different ideas like putting a small suitcase within the large one and just paying the difference for the additional luggage.  Or maybe just box everything up and just ship it home. I still haven’t decided yet what I should do. I guess I’ll have to take things one step at a time.

I think that’s everything for me so far. If I can think of anything else, I’ll log in and update my blog. I am hoping that I can start including my scrapbook pages so I have another area to document everything. We’ll take everything oen step at a time.

Too late to blog yesterday

My boys had another match yesterday against Gunderson. The JV team ended up losing again in 3, but this was a really bad lost. Their attitude was so negative. I’m hoping by the end of the season, I can change that.

As for the Varsity team, they won in 3. The first game was too close for comfort. They just made way to many mental mistakes. I believe in that game alone they had at least 6 missed serves. They finally pulled it together and took the second and third with easy. The third game they only scored 4 points.

By the time I got home, I was too tired to log in, hence the early blog today.

We only have practice today, so hopefully, I can get home and spend some quality time with Gary. One Tree Hill is on tonight, so it will be nice to just sit and veg to give my mind a break.

Here’s to hopefully a relaxing day and especially a nice relaxing evening.

Busy couple of days…

On Friday, my varsity boys lost to Mt View in 5. We won the first two matches 26-24; 26-24. And than we lost the next 3. They played a great game, but mentally started to lose it by making very stupid mistakes. As for the JV team, they did lose in 2, but they played great. Now, that was a good lose.

Then on Saturday, I had an Eclipse tournament in Salinas. We got to Salinas really early like normal and found out that the gym they had for us to use was not available yet to set up. By the time we finally got all the poles and nets set up we started around 9:30 instead 8:30. Because we had 4 courts, the pool play ended on time.

We won all of our pool play matches.

The first match was against Club VIP 15-1. Scores were 25-13; 25-6. This was an easy match for the girls. The second match was definitely alot more challenging. We played Newark Nets Ami 16-1. Scores were 25-8; 22-25; 15-8. We needed this win in order to place first in our pool play.

After pool play was bracket play. The brackets were set up for all first place; second place; third place. So, we ended up up facing all the first place teams. Included in our bracket was ALCiS 15-2 (Kim’s team); Endline Black 16-1; and Eclipse Black 16-1 (Raudy’s team).

Our first match was against the other Eclipse team. I knew eventually we would run into them, I just didn’t think it would be in the first tournament of our season. The games were very closely matches. Scores were 26-24; 23-25; 15-11. I told the girls that we basically have nothing to lose and everything to win. It was amazing how well they played together as a team.

Our second match was against ALCiS 15-2. This was the team that their coach Kim basically sad negative things about me in order to get my players to go with her to her new club. The bad thing is that because we beat Eclipse Black, they had to ref our game. Raudy definitely was calling things equally which was good. Once again, the girls stepped up as a team and played very well. The first game was 25-23. However, the girls fell apart in the 2nd game and the score showed it 13-25. Then with the third game, the girls came alive. We ended up winning 15-13. I couldn’t control my enjoyment that I started to cry I was so happy. It was more a personal win than anything else. In one weekend, my team beat our club’s top team and the club team that didn’t like us. It felt great.

So, the past couple of days have been busy with volleyball. Sunday was open gym from 12-3 and than a restful afternoon at home with Gary. We ended up going to Hollywood Video to rent some movies. We walked out with purchasing 5 movies for our collection and renting 5 to watch. As soon as we’re done watching everything, I’ll write up my reviews.

So, until another day. Have a good one.

Friday is almost here…

I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday. Not just because it’s Friday, but I don’t have to work tomorrow. I have to be the good daughter and spend time with my mom, but hopefully taking a little time off will give me strength to keep going.

I actually had a very productive day at work today. More productive than normal. I tend to do more research and monitoring of my grants than getting the little things done. I made the decision that I was going to finally take care of the little things just so I can mark things off my list. It felt good.

One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do was become a member of the AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association). This is the association that volleyball coaches join to gain knowledge about coaching and volleyball in general. One of my goals is to become a better coach, so I’m glad that I finally just did it.

Today we only had a JV and Eclipse practice. I think by cancelling the Varsity practice allow me to concentrate on just Eclipse and Jack to work with the JV. By having one court in the middle open made the boys concentrate more on what was going on. Towards the end of practice, we scrimmaged each other. It was great to see the boys improve. As for the girls, they weren’t playing like a team, so it will be interesting to see how they do this weekend.

We also found out today that for our tournament this weekend, we’ll be heading to Salinas. The scary part is that Gary mentioned that in the news recently Salinas had a very high crime rate. So, I’m a little worried about my car in the parking lot. I know that’s a bad thing to think about it, but I rather be safe than sorry. I’m going to make sure that I remove everything of value. I’m also thinking of removing my car regisration and just leave it in my backpack where my wallet is. This way if they take the car, they at least won’t know where I live.

So, tomorrow I’m with Mom all day. Wish me luck 🙂