The day has finally come…

August 26th was the day that Malina left for college.  St. Mary’s to be exact.  I know it’s only a 45 minute drive, but its the thought of not having her around anymore.  When she moved in with mom, I thought that was great because I would be able to see her more, which I did.  To see her grow into a young woman was truly a blessing.  It’s just hard to believe that the baby we brought home 18 years ago is now on her own at college.  Where in the hell did the last 18 years go?  I only lost it a couple of times, which is pretty good for me since I’m so emotional. =)  After I visited her on Wednesday night, the drive home was a little challenging.  Just knowing that instead of just dropping by and seeing her, I was going to have to make plans now.  Why can’t they be our babies forever.

I do wish her all the best in her new adventure.  I’m sure we’ll be part of it.  But, we’ll be on the sidelines more cheering for her instead of part of her team. 


Good luck Sunshine. I’m so proud of you!! Remember that I’m ALWAYS a phone call away if you need anything. I love you!!

RIP Missy Girl

Missy GirlTuesday, April 13 was a very sad day for our family.  Our Missy Girl, passed away.  She went into the vets to get surgery done to remove a gall stone.  They started to put her under when her heart rate started to drop.  So, they stop the procedure until they could get her heart rate up again.  After some meds and oxygen, her heart rate improved.  They went to shave her stomach and once again her heart rate dropped.  However, this time, they couldn’t bring her back.  She passed away on the operating table.

That was a sad call to receive from Mom that Missy died.  I left work immediately so I can be with her. Kalae, Mom, and I went to the vets to say our last good byes.  The doctor told us what happened.  The only positive is that because she was already under, she didn’t suffer.  So, thankfully, she wasn’t in any pain when she left us.

We decided to have her cremated.  Mom and I will be picking her up next week.  She’s eating all of the chicken and snacks she wants now.  Plus, chasing Neo around, I bet.  She will truly be missed.

To this day, it’s still very hard to believe she’s gone.  Whenever I go over to Mom’s I’m still looking for her and waiting for her to start jumping on my legs. Or the best is when it’s dinner time and she knows that she’s going to get something of what I’m eating.  Now, instead of ‘accidently’ dropping things on the ground, I just give it to Roy. =)

I miss you so much Missy Girl.


Where has time gone…

I can’t believe it’s already the end of March.  Where has time gone?

I’ve been meaning to keep my blog updated but life tends to get in the way. =)

So, to recap since my last blog posting:


The boys played in their first tournament on March 20 at Willow Glen. The average height was about 6′, where my boys are about 5’9″. So, it was a bit scary at first. But to my surprise, they played very well against the stronger teams. We learned that they do it have it in them to play well, but for whatever reason they aren’t consistent. I need to email some coaches to ask their opinion about how to practice on this. We have played a couple of league matches as well. If we played up to my expectation, they would have won or at least played better.  But of course, they didn’t. So, we’re now 1-2 for league. It appears that winning our league is going to be much tougher than I expected. If only they would believe in themselves more, I think we would be a big surprise to a lot of people.

As for my girls, we had our worse tournament play so far this season. They couldn’t pass or work together as a team if their lives depended on it. But the positive, is they did turn it on in the end to win a couple of matches.

Home Life

We celebrated Gary’s 46th birthday on the 22nd. The previous Sunday, we actually celebrated at his parents house. It was a small celebration, but Gary loved it. It was perfect. I ended practice early on the 22nd so I could surprise him with a cake when I got home. Another small celebration just for him. He’s a good sport about it too. I know he really doesn’t like celebrating birthdays, but he does it to humor me because I love it.

As for me, I’ve been fighting off 3 weeks of bronchitis now. I think today is the first day that I woke up and didn’t have to cough up a lung to clear them out in the morning. So, we’ll see how the day continues to go.


I haven’t scrapbooked at all lately. I still have to finish my Road Trip album so I can officially say that it’s done. I’m very proud of my girlfriend Tina because she’s been on a scrapbook roll. Ever since we attended that workshop, she’s been using that method to complete another album she’s been meaning to put together.  I’m glad that I found another buddy to scrapbook with.  The challenge now is to actually get into the room to scrapbook. I did print out over 1000 pictures to work on for my next album project which is our stayaction 2009. I figured I would treat each day as a separate album and then in the end put them all in one or two albums. With over 1000 pictures, I’m sure there’s going to be some in there that won’t make the cut, but oh well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Well back to the grind. Until next time.

Volleyball recap

We won last night against Lincoln.  They really didn’t have a strong team, but leave it to my boys to play down to their level.  I was so bad and frustrated. I had a feeling we were going to do that.  I want them to be mentally strong not just physically. This way, when we play against stronger teams this season, we can be consistant. We have our first real match against Cupertino tomorrow. Last year, we beat them in 4 and then they turned around and beat us in 5. So, they are a strong team. It’s just a matter of which team of mine is planning on showing up.

I found out today that my club team will be traveling to Watsonville on Saturday for our Area League 1. I just don’t understand how we always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to locations. It appears that majority of the teams we were originally grouped with is going to San Jose City College.  Now, we’re being paired with the other Eclipse team in Watsonville.  The Zhang’s must have done or said something because it never fails. We always have to travel at least an hour away. I really wanted San Jose because that’s also our monthly girls night out at Tina’s place. I was planning on going when we were originally playing in Santa Clara, but now I have no idea if I will or not.  I did print out directions, so we’ll see what happens.  It’s possible that I might just go and end up leaving an hour later.

So, I have double duty today for practice. I’m going to be missing players from both teams, so it should be an interesting practice all together.

Our First Real Game

My boys had their first real game last night against King’s Academy.  Going in, my logic was to just hit our goal of 10 points. King’s actually took our league last year 12-0, so I know they have talent. We ended up losing the first game 13-25. I was happy because we got our 10 points. However, the level of play from my boys was not up to par. I knew they could do better. Eventually, they did show up and we lost the 2nd game 19-25. This was much better than the 1st game, so I’m much happier.  For the 3rd game, we actually won 25-23. I wasn’t paying attention to the score so when we won I was a little surprised. This game showed that they can stay focused and play strong. We came out a little slow for the 4th game, but made it a match. We ended up losing on Tyrell’s missed serve 20-25.  But I was happy at the outcome. Even my bench was great. The positive attitude that came from them encouraged the guys on the bench.

After the match, the other coach came to me and said that as long as my guys continue to play tough, we have a great chance on winning this year.  The sad part is that we do have a lot of talent, it’s our mental game that will get us every time. If only they can stay focused, we will make a mark this season.

We have 2 more matches this week against Lincoln and Cupertino. We need to focus on our strengths and start to utilize them more.

A bad night…

Gary and I carpooled today because he had to be at a job at 8am. When we got to his work, he realized that his van was missing. He tried for over an hour to get a hold of his boss.  We couldn’t believe that his boss actually took his phone off the hook and didn’t have his cell phone on.  When he finally turned on his phone, he confirmed what Gary was afraid of his van was stolen.  The sad part is that his was one night that Gary forgot to take his tools out.

You have to understand that for the past year Gary has made every effort to remove his tools on a night basis so if the van was broken into, his tools wouldn’t be stolen.  It’s hard to believe that the one time he forgets, the entire van gets stolen.

So, they actually did find the van in Castro Valley.  It was completely gutten out.  They took everything including the box that was located in between the seats that held everything.  They even took the drawers from Gary’s desk area where he rekeys everything.

So, we get to go shopping now to restock his tools.  His boss is going to reimburse us, so that’s a good thing.  I just feel so sorry for Gary.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for him as well.

Why are people so special?

Today I had to do a review with one of my new admins. I thought I was mentally prepared. I had written notes on what I wanted to discuss with her and everything. But once I started the meeting, nothing came out like I wanted it too. I really hate being rude or mean to people especially when I’m trying to give them feedback on their job. I like to sugar coat things it’s just my management style. It’s been working with other admins, so I thought it would work with her. But I was completely wrong. After the meeting, I totally felt like I didn’t get my point across. Instead, I felt like I was just given my 30 day notice.

I figured I would have to get my point across in my email, so I asked for assistance in writing it up from my HR friends to make sure it made sense. I finally got approval from the faculty member and then I sent it out when I got home from practice. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning when she reads it. I’m guessing that she’s going to be surprised, but oh well. I have to keep reminding myself that she works for me. I don’t work for her.

Practice wasn’t what I expected. We had pictures today so that took the first 30 minutes. So, when we finally got started, I wanted to focus on defensive coverage. But one of the JV players had to be stupid so I had to stop by practice and make a point that he’s not all that and then some. We don’t have a gym tomorrow because of basketball, so only JV will be practicing. I hope they start to show Rebbeca some respect. The only positive is that Mom went to Taco Bell for me for dinner.

I hope tomorrow is better than today. So, we’ll see what happens.